Duluth summer so far is hottest on record

Six of Duluth's 10 hottest summers on record have been since 2000.


It’s no secret it’s been a warm summer in the Northland, but summer 2021 in Duluth just moved into first place for the warmest on record.

Since June 1, the mean temperature in Duluth has been 67.7 degrees. That tops 67.5 set in 2012, 67.4 set in 2006 and 67.2 set in 2020, the National Weather Service in Duluth reported Tuesday.

The mean temperature is figured by adding the high and low temperatures every day and dividing them in half, showing this summer has had both warm nights and warm days to take over first place.

Five of the top 10 hottest summers have come in the past 10 years and six have come in this century, an extremely unusual trend given Duluth has 147 years of accurate records dating back to 1874. Eight of the top 10 have come since 1988.

Meanwhile, summer 2021 has moved into fifth place for the most 80-degree days on record in Duluth. On 46 days, high temperatures reached 80 or above as of Tuesday. The record is 53 days where temps reached 80 degrees or above, set in 1988.


Meteorological summer runs from June through August and there is no sign that things are going to cool off soon. The forecast for this week calls for high temperatures well into the 80s through Friday.

There’s also no sign of the ongoing drought ending anytime soon with Duluth now nearly 6 inches below normal precipitation since Jan. 1.

Duluth isn't alone in being warm this summer. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration earlier this week said July was the hottest month ever recorded on the planet.

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