A dry week with some breezy days

Expect to get a tad warmer today with highs in the low to mid 40s; some places in the high 30s.

From left: Forum Communications meteorologists Jared Piepenburg, Jesse Ritka, Chief Meteorologist John Wheeler, Lydia Blume and Andrew Whitmyer

Break out your sunglasses, because we will have more sunshine today, in comparison to yesterday. Tomorrow brings even warmer temperatures with highs in the low 60s. Try to get outside and enjoy the weather because Tuesday brings quite the change. We drop back down into the mid 30s coming on Tuesday. Wednesday will be similar to Tuesday, a little cooler with highs in the low 30s. We will begin to see a warm up starting on Thursday that pushes us back into the mid 50s on Friday. Relatively dry all week with breezy conditions lasting from Monday to Wednesday.

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