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Election 2022 headlines
From the column exclusive to the News Tribune: "Forty years ago when I became a family physician, I took the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm.” Under the direction of Tim Walz, much harm has been inflicted on our state."

The writer of this letter is the Republican candidate for Minnesota state auditor. The News Tribune is allowing his rebuttal in the interest of fairness and complete accuracy.
The Republican and former Duluth police officer said the package of bills was only a political play by Democrats approaching the midterm elections.


From the column: "I’m looking at this parks-levy (ballot) question from a community-based lens and ask that you do as well."
From the column: "I’ve been labeled an 'election denier' and much worse because I am critical of election policy. ... My observations are not wild-eyed or irresponsible. They represent the views of everyday Minnesotans who want to know their vote counts."
From the column: "Minnesotans vote in such high numbers because they have a basic level of confidence in our system."
All but one of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidates for statewide office have maintained a fundraising edge in the 2022 campaign.
From the column: "Minnesotans want to know that they have an unbiased, qualified watchdog investigating financial scandals when they arise. They want someone who will shine a light on fraud, waste, and abuse."
From the column: "Since I took office, the Office of the State Auditor found more than $4 million in local government fraud and assisted law enforcement in the prosecution of wrongdoers."
Farmfest did not ask candidates to come and answer their questions; they told them when they would be asking their questions.
Election administrators and judges are part of the community. We are your neighbors and co-workers, people you see at church on Sunday or in line at the grocery store. I believe I speak for all election officials when I say we are honest citizens who want to serve our community to the best of our ability.
From the column: "Part of keeping Minnesotans safe is getting guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. I fought on the side of police and law enforcement for common-sense rules."
From the column: "What has Ellison been focused on instead? Pushing a so-called climate lawsuit against American energy and manufacturing companies."
ABOUT THIS RACE: For 10 years, Minnesota House District 11A — from about Scanlon in its northeast to about Sturgeon Lake in its southwest — has been represented by Rep. Mike Sundin. He chose not to run again this year. Vying to replace him are Republican Jeff Dotseth of Kettle River and DFLer Pete Radosevich of Cloquet. Election Day is Nov. 8. Early voting is open.