In April of 1981, 15-year-old Barbara Louise Cotton vanished from Williston, North Dakota, never to be seen or heard from again. One person of interest in Cotton's disappearance was 21-year-old Stacey Demarr Werder, reported to have been with Barbara on the night she vanished. Three months after Barbara Cotton disappeared, Werder took his own life in a Montana jail cell after being arrested for disorderly conduct.

Through public records, Dakota Spotlight recently learned that Stacey Werder was hanging out with C.E. Sullivan on the night he was arrested. C.E. Sullivan, also known as Red Sullivan, was not arrested with Werder.

In episode 19 of A Better Search for Barbara, Red Sullivan speaks with Dakota Spotlight and Lisa Jo Schiele of #findBarbCotton about his interactions with Werder. This is the first time Sullivan has spoken about Werder. He has not previously been questioned by law enforcement or media about his association to Werder and the Barbara Cotton case.

  • Dakota Spotlight recently theorized that a different man Charles Gary Sullivan awaiting trial for murder in Nevada might possibly be the C.E. Sullivan associated with Werder. This proved not to be the case.

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