Duluth sports fans,

Do yourself a favor and go watch the Duluth East boys’ varsity soccer team during this week’s section playoffs. This team is very, very good. They’re fast, physical, highly skilled, and really fun to watch. And this is just the latest in a string of talented teams. They finished third in state in 2017, and second in 2018. It’s a shame more people aren’t out there supporting them. If half the people who attend a football game showed up, it would give the kids a tremendous boost (and frankly, they’re a heck of a lot better than area prep football teams).

And hopefully, if the team qualifies for this year’s state tournament, the school district will allow students to travel to the Twin Cities to support the team. They’ve given students excused absences to attend state hockey tournament games in recent years. Soccer, assuredly, should be given equal treatment.

Dan Kraker