INTERNATIONAL FALLS, Minn. — The Voyageurs Wolf Project posted to its Facebook page Wednesday, Feb. 12, what is believed to be the first-ever footage of wolves eating blueberries in northern Minnesota.

The video, which is from July 2019, was captured on remote cameras and is likely the first footage of wolves in a boreal forest environment consuming blueberries, project lead Thomas Gable said in a University of Minnesota news release Wednesday morning.

The project, a collaboration between the University of Minnesota and Voyageurs National Park, uses GPS collars to study wolf behavior from April to October in the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem of northern Minnesota.

Though unable to get it on film, researchers had previously discovered blueberries are part of wolves' diets, with one researcher even observing an adult wolf regurgitating blueberries to five wolf pups. In another past revelation, they filmed wolves hunting and eating fish out of streams as a regular part of their diet.

On Tuesday, the project published research from its studies on wolves regurgitating blueberries to feed their pups.

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Footage of the wolves can be viewed below.