A moose has been making the rounds in Hermantown this morning, but so far has managed to stay out of trouble.

Motorists photographed the moose near Highway 53 and Ugstad Road earlier in the morning and then near U.S. Highway 53 and Stebner Road just before 11 a.m.

Ali Comnick, an advertising sales executive for The Woman Today magazine, took photographs and video of the moose near the Skyline Lanes bowling alley when the moose went across Stebner Road.

"It came from the left, crossed the road, and then decided it didn't want to do that, so went back to the left and into the woods it came out of,'' Comnick said.

As of 11 a.m., the Hermantown Police Department said it had not received any calls about the moose.

Moose were once fairly common in southern St. Louis County, wandering into the Duluth area on a fairly regular basis. But over the last 20 years, moose numbers have crashed in Minnesota and the big animals are mostly confined to northern St. Louis, Lake and Cook counties.