The folks at Hawk Ridge Observatory in Duluth don't just count birds heading south in the fall, they also count them heading north in the spring, and they are going to celebrate that spring effort this weekend.

Hawk Ridge is hosting its first-ever Spring Migration Celebration Friday through Sunday with free bird watching events their West Skyline Parkway counting locations. (In the spring, during east or northeast winds, the professional bird counters and best viewing are at Thomson Hill. During all other winds the best viewing is near Enger Tower.)

There are also several workshops and seminars scheduled with expert presenters with various fees. For more information go to or call 218-428-6209.

Already this spring counters have noted 79 bird species and more than 26,000 total bird's heading north, including 12,000 raptors.

On March 21 expert counters tallied 1,076 bald eagles flying north. That is apparently a single-day record for any site in North America, said John Richrdson, fall count director at Hawk Ridge. All told, this spring some 6,241 eagles have been spotted flying over Duluth, along with another 2,000 turkey vultures and thousands of hawks.