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Ask a Conservation Officer: Can I straight pipe my ATV?

 Q: I live in Minnesota and I like to go riding out on the trails with my ATV four-wheeler. Would it be legal if I straight piped my ATV even though I will not be on the roads but on the trails in the woods?

A: No. Minnesota has a wide system of trails and public lands used by different user groups. Part of the reason for rules governing equipment modifications on machines is to regulate excessive noise that may be emitted and affect others in the area. Under Minnesota law, an ATV cannot have a modified intake (snorkel) that is more than six inches above the manufacturer's original intake height. An ATV can also not be equipped with exhaust equipment that modifies or bypasses the factory muffler and raises the emitted noise above levels set in Minnesota Rule 6102.0040, or 99 decibels at 20 inches under SAE standards. ATVs must also be equipped with a spark arrestor as approved by the USFS.

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Matthew S. Miller is a Minnesota Conservation Officer with the Lake Superior Marine Unit.