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Curling: Shuster team tied for first

John Shuster's Duluth-based rink rebounded from its first loss of the USA National Championships to beat Todd Birr 9-3 on Wednesday at Kalamazoo, Mich.

Shuster, the 2018 Winter Olympics gold medalist, lost 7-4 to Mark Fenner's Chaska, Minn.-based team that includes Duluth's Korey Dropkin, earlier Wednesday.

But Shuster and teammates Chris Plys and John Landsteiner of Duluth and Matt Hamilton of McFarland, Wis., remained tied for first place in the men's standings at 7-1 after beating Birr.

The Chase Sinnett rink, including Duluth's Jon Harstad, split two matches and, at 3-5, were eliminated from playoff contention.

In women's action, Duluth's Cory Christensen won a wild 10-8 match over Ann Podoll to improve to 4-2 in the round-robin standings and keep playoff hopes alive heading into today's final day of action.