Travis Budisalovich of Minneapolis is no stranger to Northland racing, but he saved the perfect time to capture his first win at Halvor Lines Speedway in Proctor.

The Silver 1000.

Budisalovich, the grandson of local dirt track legend Johnny Johnson, won the “granddaddy of them all” in taking the 40-lap Late Model feature.

Despite drawing the pole, Budisalovich quickly found himself trailing upstart Sam Mars, the son of renowned driver Jimmy Mars.

But seven laps in, Budisalovich retook the lead and didn’t let it go again. He ended up winning by .7 seconds over Jesse Glenz of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, after Glenz finally got past James Giossi of Hudson, Wisconsin.

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The Silver 1000 is the kickoff of the Northland’s year-ending invitationals. The beloved races almost didn’t happen as the track dealt with sprinkles Thursday night.

The event also includes Modifieds, with “The Hermantown Hammer,” Darrell Nelson, eventually getting the lead from fellow veteran Al Uotinen and cruising to victory, posing the fastest lap of the event with a lap of 16.138 seconds at an average speed of 83.6 mph.

Nelson is the most decorated driver in the history of the Silver, with 11 wins, three in Late Models (2006, 2013, 2016) and an incredible eight in Modifieds (1992, 1994, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2015, 2016, 2021).

Halvor Lines Speedway

At Proctor

Silver 1000

Thursday’s Feature Results

Late Models

1. Travis Budisalovich, 2.Jesse Glenz, 3. James Giossi, 4. Derek Vesel, 5. Pat Doar, 6. Jeffrey Massingill, 7. Sam Mars, 8. Kyle Peterlin, 9. Mike Bellefeuille, 10. Darrell Nelson, 11. John Kaanta, 12. Harry Hanson, 13. Tim McMann, 14. Terry Lillo, 15. Rick Niemi, 16. Chad Mahder, 17. Chris Lillo. DNF: Deven VanHouse, Danny Vang, Steve Laursen, Robbie Cooper, Chuck Olson, Kevin Carlson, Jody Bellefeuille, Shane Edginton, Jake Redetzke.


1. Darrell Nelson, 2. Ashley Anderson, 3. Brandon Copp, 4. Andy Jones, 5. Jody Bellefeuille, 6. Mike Stearns, 7. Al Uotinen, 8. Kevin Adams, 9. Danny Vang, 10. Ryan Gierke, 11. Mike Anderson, 12. Brandon Dolman, 13. Mike Klippenstein, 14. Neil Balduc, 15. Pat Cook, 16. Jon Frolik, 17.Cole Anderson, 18. Daniel Bargender, 19. Adam Ayotte, 20. Skeeter Estey, 21. Shaun Kreyer, 22. Dave Cain, 23. Shane Sabraski. DNF: Zach Johnson, Jeffrey Lien Jr., Billy Kendall III.