Dave Flynn grabbed the lead from Willie Johnsen Jr. in the closing laps and then held off Kevin Burdick to win the feature and capture the seven-race FastLane Motorsports Northern Super Stock Series title Sunday at Halvor Lines Speedway in Proctor.

Flynn, of Superior, came into Sunday trailing Burdick, of Proctor, by only four points, but Burdick had to start in the 21st starting spot for the 30-lap feature. He earned the hard charger award, moving all the way up to second, but he couldn’t get past Flynn.

The series had a $30,000 payoff and 31 Wissota Super Stocks competed Sunday for their share of the purse.

Jody Bellefeuille (Modifieds), Tyler Kintner (Midwest Modifieds) and Tyler Schramm (Hornets) were Sunday’s other feature winners.

Nelson, Giossi win Twin 25 features

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Darrell Nelson of Hermantown and James Giossi of Hudson, Wisconsin, won Late Model features at the 16th Annual Twin Ports Twin 25s Friday at Gondik Law Speedway in Superior.

The event features a pair of 25-lap Wissota Late Model finales.

Nelson held off Pat Doar and Derek Vesel to win the opener. The second feature uses an inverted order, and for this one, Nelson and Doar started in the sixth row and Mike Prochnow and Giossi made up the front row, with Prochnow on the pole. Once Giossi got past Prochnow with five laps to go, he was gone, winning a Twin 25 feature for the second straight year. Each feature paid $2,000 to win.

Friday featured a strong field of 32 Late Models, 30 Super Stocks and 13 Hornets.

Flynn once again held off Burdick to win the FastLane Motorsports Northern Super Stock Series race while Justin Schelitzche of Watertown, Wisconsin, got past DeJay Jacecki on the last lap to win the 12-lap Hornets feature.

Halvor Lines Speedway, Proctor

Sunday’s Feature Results


1. Jody Bellefeuille, 2. Danny Vang, 3. Dan Kingsley, 4. Neil Balduc, 5. Brandon Copp, 6. Craig Lofdahl, 7. Mike Klippenstein. DNS: Pat Cook.

FastLane Motorsports Northern Super Stock Series

1. Dave Flynn, 2. Kevin Burdick, 3. Willie Johnsen Jr., 4. Keith Kern, 5. Dustin Nelson, 6. Nick Oreskovich, 7. Tim Johnson, 8. Dylan Nelson, 9. D.J. Keeler, 10. Patrick Beeksma, 11. Cory Casari, 12. Matt Deragon, 13. Tommy Richards, 14. Tristan LaBarge, 15. Kyle Copp, 16. Jeremy North, 17. Andy Grymala, 18. Tucker Quinn, 19. Ronnie Malecki, 20. Shawn Fernkes, 21. Brian Carl. DNF: Ryan Kostreba, Andrew Johnson, Matt Fester, Scott Lawrence, Austin Niemeyer.

Midwest Modifieds

1. Tyler Kintner, 2. Michael Blevins Sr., 3. Andrew Inman, 4. Tyler Vernon, 5. McLean Andrews, 6. Jimmy Latvala, 7. Ryan Savoy, 8. Tanner Gehl, 9. Adam Shinn, 10. Neil Dees. DNF: Taylor Madrinich, Chris Bretting, Paul Ripley, Justin Bassa, Josh Johnson. DNS: Casey Kintner.


1. Tyler Schramm, 2. Marcus Ammerman, 3. Nathan Rose Jr., 4. Reid Johnson, 5. Kristy Marken, 6. Casey Fitzpatrick, 7. Jamie Ammerman, 8. Joe Pajtash, 9. Eva Lillo.

Gondik Law Speedway, Superior

16th Annual Twin Ports Twin 25s

Friday’s Feature Results

Late Model Feature #1

1. Darrell Nelson, 2. Pat Doar, 3. Derek Vesel, 4. Jesse Glenz, 5. Jeffrey Massingill, 6. Kevin Eder, 7. Travis Budisalovich, 8. John Kaanta, 9. Mike Bellefeuille, 10. Steve Laursen, 11. James Giossi, 12. Mike Prochnow, 13. Kyle Peterlin, 14. Deven VanHouse, 15. Rick Niemi, 16. Jeff Provinzino, 17. Gunner Frank, 18. Jimmy Mars, 19. Curt Kranz, 20. Sam Mars, 21. Terry Lillo, 22. Rick Hanestad, 23. Jake Redetzke. DNF: Jody Bellefeuille, Nick Panitzke.

Late Model Feature #2

1. Giossi, 2. Budisalovich, 3. Massingill, 4. Mike Prochnow, 5. M. Bellefeuille, 6. J. Mars, 7. Vesel, 8. Laursen, 9. Doar, 10. Eder, 11. Glenz, 12. Niemi, 13. Nelson, 14. Kaanta, 15. VanHouse, 16. Provinzino, 17. Frank, 18. Kranz, 19. S. Mars, 20. Hanestad, 21. Lillo. DNF: Redetzke, Peterlin, J. Bellefeuille, Panitzke.

FastLane Motorsports Northern Super Stock Series

1. Dave Flynn, 2. Kevin Burdick, 3. Dylan Nelson, 4. Kyle Copp, 5. Jordan Henkemeyer, 6. Dustin Nelson, 7. D.J. Keeler, 8. Jeremy North, 9. Tommy Richards, 10. Andrew Mackey, 11. Matt Deragon, 12. Brian Carl, 13. Cory Casari, 14. Keith Kern, 15. Ryan Kostreba, 16. Ronnie Malecki, 17. Andy Grymala, 18. Austin Niemeyer, 19. Tucker Quinn, 20. Matthew Hammitt, 21. Allan Cleveland. DNF: Tim Johnson, Shawn Fernkes, Scott Lawrence, Matt Fester, Jeffrey Frey, Andrew Johnson, Patrick, Nick Oreskovich, Dan Peterson.


1. Justin Schelitzche, 2. DeJay Jarecki, 3. Kyle LeDoux, 4. Tyler Schramm, 5. Casey Fitzpatrick, 6. Kristy Marken, 7. Carson Gotelaere, 8. Marcus Ammerman, 9. Reid Johnson, 10. Patrick Passeri, 11. Jamie Ammerman, 12. Ken Hapy. DNS: Ja’lon Sventek.