Pat Doar of New Richmond, Wisconsin, held on to win his third Northern Nationals Late Model title on Saturday at Gondik Law Speedway in Superior.

Rain held off for the 32nd annual running of Superior’s showcase event and were entertained to plenty of entertaining racing action with drivers often going two- and three-wide.

Doar started the 40-lap feature on the pole but this one wouldn’t be easy as he had to survive eight cautions and spirited challenges from the likes of runner-up Jimmy Mars, third-place finisher Steve Laursen as well as James Giossi, but Doar held on for his first Northern Nationals title since 2014.

Jody Bellefeuille of Duluth won his second Northern Nationals Modified title in the last three years. Shane Sabraski of Rice, Minnesota, tracked down polesitter Kevin Burdick to win the Super Stock title and Shane Howell of Buffalo, Minnesota, took advantage of Andrew Inman’s late spinout to win in Midwest Modifieds.

In earlier action from the four-day event, the 30-lap Modified feature was the main event on Friday night with Ashley Anderson of Elk Mound, Wisconsin, getting past Sabraski and then holding on for his first Northern Nationals Modified win. Polesitter Dave Flynn of Superior made Sabraski a runner-up again by holding on to win in Super Stocks while David Swearingen of Mounds View, Minnesota, pulled away to win in Midwest Modifieds with Sabraski taking second for his third runner-up feature finish of the night.

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Thursday’s action featured the Northern Renegade Traditional Sprints (no wings), and Caley Emerson of Grand Rapids earned the sweep by taking both his heat and the feature. Superior teenager Jack Rivord started on the outside of the front role, got past polesitter Cole Boston and then cruised to his first special event feature win in Midwest Modifieds. Mike Schnider of Camerson, Wisconsin (Pure Stocks), the Rice Lake Speedway champion, and DeJay Jarecki of Ashland (Hornets) were Thursday’s other feature winners.

Wednesday was a fun one, with fans charged no admission. Mike Klippenstein of Proctor survived a gauntlet of one-on-one racing by downing Casey Fitzpatrick of Two Harbors in the final to claim the $150 top prize and be crowned “King of the Hill” in Hornets. Skeeter Estey of Kelly Lake, meanwhile, won the “Showdown in Souptown” pitting Midwest Modifieds and Super Stocks against each other, with Estey, a Mid-Mod driver, prevailing.

32nd Annual Northern Nationals

At Gondik Law Speedway


Saturday’s Feature Results

Late Models

1. Pat Doar, 2. Jimmy Mars, 3. Steve Laursen, 4. Darrell Nelson, 5. Travis Budiaslovich, 6. James Giossi, 7. Marshall Fegers, 8. John Kaanta, 9. Derek Vesel, 10. Kevin Eder, 11. Terry Lillo, 12. Mike Prochnow, 13. Tim McMann, 14. Clint Larson. DNF: Joe Kinzlie, Jr., Marcus Simonson, Sam Mars, Keith Niemi, Jody Bellefeuille, Chris Lillo, Deven VanHouse, Rick Hanestad, Kevin Carlson, Buddy Hanestad.


1. Jody Bellefeuille, 2. Clayton Wagemon, 3. Shane Sabraski, 4. Darrell Nelson, 5. Ashley Anderson, 6. Mike Anderson, 7. Dave Cain, 8. Al Uotinen, 9. Brandon Copp, 10. Jeff Spacek, 11. Dan Kingsley, 12. Andy Jones, 13. Rick Rivord, 14. Johnny Broking, 15. Danny Vang, 16. Zack Drews, 17. Cole Spacek, 18. Taton Hansen, 19. Mike Boston, 20. Donnie Lofdahl, 21. James Trantina III. DNF: Jeremy Nelson, Kelly Estey; Greg Chesley, Tyler Luger, Adam Ayotte.

Super Stocks

1. Shane Sabraski, 2. Kevin Burdick, 3. Scott Lawrence, 4. Dave Flynn, 5. Matt Deragon, 6. Andy Grymala, 7. Patrick Beeksma, 8. Andrew Mackey, 9. Nick Oreskovich, 10. Keith Kern, 11. Kyle Copp, 12. Austin Niemeyer, 13. Brian Carl, 14. Shawn McFadden, 15. Butch Butcher, 16. Mike Sirois; DNF: Jamie Reberg, Don Muzzy, Dexton Koch, Jim Campbell, Doug Koski, D.J. Keeler, Jake Froemke.

Midwest Modifieds

1. Shane Howell, 2. Andrew Inman, 3. Skeeter Estey, 4. Shane Sabraski, 5. Cody Carlson, 6. Ryan Savoy, 7. Ross Fuhrman, 8. Jimmy Latvala, 9. Jack Rivord, 10. Ashley Mehrwerth, 11. Dalton Mains, 12. Nick Ayotte, 13. Jayme Lautigar, 14. John Kallas, 15. Chris Bretting. DNF: Mark Kangas, David Swearingen, Cole Boston, Justin Weinberger, Jesse Polson, Austin Chyba, Brandon Mehrwerth, Paul Ripley, McLean Andrews, Brady Uotinen.

Friday’s Feature Results


1. Ashley Anderson, 2. Shane Sabraski, 3. Jeff Spacek, 4. Cole Spacek, 5. Johnny Broking, 6. Jody Bellefeuille, 7. Clayton Wagemon, 8. Al Uotinen, 9. Darrell Nelson, 10. Mike Anderson, 11. Brandon Copp, 12. Andy Jones, 13. Jeremy Nelson, 14. Dave Cain, 15. Danny Vang, 16. Taton Hansen. DNF: Dan Kingsley, Kelley Estey, Adam Ayotte, Donnie Lofdahl, Curt Myers, Pat Cook, Rick Rivord, Jeffery Wood, Bob Broking.

Super Stocks

1. Dave Flynn, 2. Shane Sabraski, 3. Scott Lawrence, 4. Kevin Burdick, 5. Matt Deragon, 6. Dexton Koch, 7. Cory Casari, 8. Kyle Copp, 9. Curt Myers, 10. Shawn McFadden, 11. Andrew Mackay, 12. Keith Kern, 13. Nick Oreskovich, 14. Ryan Kostreba, 15. D.J. Keeler, 16. Andy Grymala, 17. Willie Johnsen, Jr., 18. Patrick Beeksma, 19. Jim Campbell, 20. Doug Koski, 21. Don Muzzy, 22. Brian Call, 23. Jake Froemke, 24. Darin Meierotto. DNF: Jared Zempel.

Midwest Modifieds

1. David Swearingen, 2. Shane Sabraski, 3. Skeeter Estey, 4. Brandon Mehrwerth, 5. Shane Howell, 6. Cody Carlson, 7. Corey Storck, 8. Ryan Savoy, 9. Mark Kangas, 10. Ashley Mehrwerth, 11. Jimmy Latvala, 12. Wyatt Boyum, 13. Clay Passuello, 14. Jayme Lautigar, 15. Gunner Peterson, 16. Ross Fuhrman, 17. Jesse Polson, 18. Travis Krumrei. DNF: Brady Uotinen, Justin Weinberger, Nick Ayotte, Cole Boston, McLean Andrews, Jack Rivord, Matt Baker.

Thursday’s Feature Results

Northern Renegades Non-Winged Sprints

1. Caley Emerson, 2. Jori Hughes, 3. Paul Schultz, 4. Rick Niemi, 5. Chris Lewis, 6. Lance Solem, 7. Allen Stettner, 8. Teal Arnason, 9. Brad Larsen, 10. Danny Wait Jr. DNF: Zach Olson. DNS: Nick DaRonco.

Midwest Modifieds

1. Jack Rivord, 2. Wyatt Boyum, 3. Michael Blevins Sr. 4. Jimmy Latvala, 5. Cody Carlson, 6. Brady Uotinen, 7. Ryan Savoy 8. Skeeter Estey, 9. Shane Howell, 10. McLean Andrews, 11. Mark Kangas, 12. Justin Weinberger, 13. Butch Butcher, 14. Travis Krumrei, 15. Chris Bretting, 16. Mason Musel, 17. Jessy Krause, 18. Mike Klippenstein. DNF: Clay Passuello, Dalton Mains, Cole Boston, John Kallas, Jesse Polson.

Pure Stocks

1. Mike Schnider, 2. Cory Jorgensen, 3. Trevor Treviranus, 4. James Vendela, 5. Mikey Blevins, 6. Tom Treviranus, 7. Aaron Bernick, 8. Travis Hazelton, 9.\u0009Tanner Gehl, 10. Samuel Blevins, 11. Jason Simonson. DNF: Margo Butcher. DNS: Tyler Kachinske.


1. DeJay Jarecki, 2. Jase Wiarda, 3. Marcus Ammerman, 4. Mitch Kieber, 5. Carson Gotelaere, 6. Lucas Lillo, 7. Ken Hapy, 8. Kristy Marken, 9. Jamie Ammerman, 10. Rachel Boston, 11. Casey Fitzpatrick, 12. Austin Bowens, 13. Patrick Passeri, 14. Nick Rahn, 15. Ryan Myhre, 16. Brandon Hummelmeier. DNF: Noah Rose, Gavyn Moncher. DQ: Mike Klippenstein.

Wednesday, Sept. 9, Results

Hornets King/Queen of the Hill Championship

Quarterfinal #1: Gavin Rivord, Superior, def. Brandon Hummelmeier, Maple

Quarterfinal #2: Jamie Ammerman, Mora, Minnesota, def. Colton Strong, Superior

Semifinal #1: Rachel Boston, Wyoming, Minnesota, def. Rivord

Semifinal #2: Mike Klippenstein, Proctor, def. Kristy Marken, Duluth

Semifinal #3: Marcus Ammerman, Mora, def. Ryan Myhre, Superior

Semifinal #4: Casey Fitzpatrick, Two Harbors, def. J. Ammerman

Final #1: Klippenstein def. Boston

Final #2: Fitzpatrick def. M. Ammerman

Third Place: Boston def. M. Ammerman

K/Q of the Hill: Klippenstein def. Fitzpatrick

Midwest Modifieds vs. Super Stocks

1. Skeeter Estey, Kelly Lake (MM); 2. Dexton Koch, Becker, Minnesota (SS); 3. Ryan Savoy Superior, MM; 4. Kevin Burdick, Proctor (SS); 5. Scott Lawrence, Superior (SS); 6. Jimmy

Latvala, Solon Springs (MM); 7. Matt Deragon, Ashland (SS); 8. Don Muzzy, Ironwood, Michigan (SS); Paul Ripley, Duluth (MM). DNF: Willie Johnsen Jr., Superior (SS); Mike Sirois, Duluth (SS); Cody Carlson, Superior (MM); Dave Flynn, Superior (SS); Gunner Peterson, South Range (MM); McLean Andrews, Duluth (MM). DNS: Jack Rivord, Superior (MM).