Shane Sabraski of Rice, Minnesota, hasn’t made every race at Gondik Law Speedway in Superior this season, but when he does, look out.

Sabraski returned after a week’s absence and dominated, earning sweeps by winning both his heat and feature in both the Modified and Super Stock divisions. He now has won five of six features in three regular-season appearances at Superior this year, finishing second in the other. He missed last week to compete in the United States Modified Touring Series stop at Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, Wisconsin, finishing second in his Wissota car.

It was another perfect night for racing in Superior on Friday, with the temperature around 75 degrees. A large crowd watched 113 cars compete in six classes, including 21 Late Models.

Travis Budisalovich continued a steady climb to the front and eventually passed Derek Vesel of Hibbing for his second Late Model feature win at the track this season.

Mark Kangas (Midwest Modifieds), Jared Akervik (Pure Stocks) and Jase Wiarda (Hornets) were Friday’s other feature winners.

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Gondik Law Speedway, Superior

Friday’s Feature Results

Late Models

1. Travis Budisalovich, 2. Derek Vesel, 3. Steve Laursen, 4. Jeffrey Massingill, 5. Deven VanHouse, 6. Kyle Peterlin, 7. Pat Doar, 8. Buddy Hanestad, 9. John Kaanta, 10. Mike Prochnow, 11. Aaron Lillo, 12. Kevin Adams, 13. Tim McMann, 14. Robbie Cooper, 15. Terry Lillo, 16. George Ledin Jr., 17. Chris Lillo. DNF: Joe Kienzle Jr., Jeff Provinzino, Kevin Carlson. DNS: Carey LePage.


1. Shane Sabraski, 2. Jody Bellefeuille, 3. Clayton Wagamon, 4. Jeremy Nelson, 5. Darrell Nelson, 6. Danny Vang, 7. Johnny Broking, 8. Greg Chesley, 9. J.T. Johnson, 10. Brandon Copp, 11. Todd Gehl, 12. Rick Rivord, 13. Cole Spacek, 14. Taton Hansen, 15. Tyler Luger, 16. Steve Stavenger. DNF: Kelly Checkalski, Al Uotinen, Dan Kingsley, Donnie Lofdahl, Donnie Lofdahl, Kelly Estey. DNS: Bob Broking, Zack Drews.

Super Stocks

1. Shane Sabraski, 2. Dave Flynn, 3. Kevin Burdick, 4. Andrew Mackey, 5. Nick Oreskovich, 6. Kyle Copp, 7. Tristan LaBarge, 8. D.J. Keeler, 9. Keith Kern, 10. Patrick Beeksma, 11. Andy Grymala, 12. Ronnie Malecki, 13. Doug Koski, 14. Robert Lore, 15. Jamie Reberg. DNF: Scott Lawrence, Kevin Salin. DNS: Willie Johnsen Jr.

Midwest Modifieds

1. Mark Kangas, 2. Cody Carlson, 3. Tyler Kintner, 4. McLean Andrews, 5. Jimmy Latvala, 6. Dylan Miller, 7. Ryan Savoy, 8. Brady Uotinen, 9. Travis Krumrei, 10. Leo Schweiss, 11. Paul Ripley. DNF: Darrin Lawler, Jesse Polson, Jack Rivord, Wyatt Boyum, Andrew Inman, Justin Feltus, Bret Masters. DNS: Adam Shinn, Jeffery Forseen.

Pure Stocks

1. Jared Akervik, 2. McLean Andrews, 3. James Vendela, 4. Trevor Treviranus, 5. Tanner Gehl, 6. Aaron Bernick, 7. Tyler Kachinske, 8. Jason Simonson, 9. David Pederson. DNF: Cory Jorgensen, Eric Lillo. DNS: Casey Hartshorn.


1. Jase Wiarda, 2. Kristy Marken, 3. A.J. House, 4. Hunter McDougall, 5. Michael Egan, 6. Nate Rose, 7. Andrew Parendo, 8. Kyle House, 9. Tyler Schramm, 10. Carson Gotelaere, 11. Rick Andrews Jr., 12. Casey Fitzpatrick, 13. Darrin Lowney, 14. Lucas Lillo, 15. Patrick Passeri, 16. Ryder Gangl. DNF: Joshua Johnson Jr. DNS: Rick Long Jr., Reid Johnson.