Shane Sabraski got the break he needed and went on to win the 20-lap Modified feature on a perfect Thursday night for racing at Gondik Law Speedway in Superior.

Sabraski, the defending Wissota national Modified points champion from Rice, Minnesota, trailed Darrell Nelson of Hermantown before the first and only caution flag came out with 10 laps remaining. Sabraski got by Nelson and then cruised to the win, while Nelson held on for second and Bob Broking charged through the field to finish third.

With Minnesota still under coronavirus restrictions, Superior has been experimenting with races on other nights, and Thursday drew 78 cars in five Wissota classes. Friday’s lineup calls for six classes, including the Wissota Late Models.

Sabraski had to settle for second in the Super Stock feature as Dave Flynn of Superior won going away. Brandon Mehrwerth (Midwest Modifieds), Trevor Treviranus (Pure Stocks) and Grayson Pratt (Hornets) were Thursday’s other feature winners.

Gondik Law Speedway, Superior

Thursday’s Feature Results


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1. Shane Sabraski, 2. Darrell Nelson, 3. Bob Broking, 4. Clayton Wagamon, 5. Al Uotinen, 6. Todd Gehl, 7. Johnny Broking, 8. Brandon Copp, 9. Greg Chesley, 10. Jeremy Nelson, 11. Dan Kingsley, 12. Ryan Gierke, 13. Shane Howell. DNF: Jody Bellefeuille, Devin Fouquette, Donnie Lofdahl.

Super Stocks

1. Dave Flynn, 2. Shane Sabraski, 3. Kevin Burdick, 4. Kyle Copp, 5. Chad Fouquette, 6. Willie Johnsen Jr., 7. Doug Koski, 8. Ronnie Malecki. DNF: D.J. Keeler, Brian Carl, Scott Lawrence.

Midwest Modifieds

1. Brandon Mehrwerth, 2. Wyatt Boyum, 3. Mark Kangas, 4. Jack Rivord, 5. Shane Howell, 6. Ashley Mehrwerth, 7. Jason VandeKamp, 8. Andrew Inman, 9. Cody Carlson, 10. Ryan Savoy, 11. Jimmy Latvala, 12. McLean Andrews, 13. Brady Uotinen, 14. Leo Schweiss, 15. Paul Ripley, 16. Jesse Polson, 17. Chad VanDuker. DNF: Ryan Gierke, Andy LaBarge, Jesse Young, Jessy Krause, Justin Feltus, Joey Krause.

Pure Stocks

1. Trevor Treviranus, 2. James Vendela, 3. Cory Jorgensen, 4. Dusty Caspers, 5. McLean Andrews, 6. Aaron Bernick, 7. Tanner Gehl, 8. Jason Simonson, 9. Casey Hartshorn, 10. Tyler Kachinske, 11. Jennie Krause, 12. Eric Lillo, 13. Jared Akervik, 14. David Pederson. DNS: Darin Meierotto.


1. Grayson Pratt, 2. Brennan Schmidt, 3. Hunter McDougall, 4. Jase Wiarda, 5. Kristy Marken, 6. Nate Rose, 7. Tyler Schramm, 8. Brady Albertson, 9. A.J. House, 10. Kyle LeDoux, 11. Joshua Johnson Jr., 12. Josh Rowe, 13. Rick Long Jr. DNF: Andrew Parendo, Reid Johnson.