UMD hockey fans need to get more involved

As season-ticket holders for UMD men’s hockey, my friends and I are elated by the Bulldogs’ improved season. But while the players seem to be giving their all, it appears as though we as fans could put forth a better effort.

For example, it would be nice to see more Bulldog fans in the stands to cheer for them at the NCHC tournament in Minneapolis next month. Last year, we saw all the fans from the other schools wearing their school colors with pride (Ed. note: UMD did not qualify for the 2014 NCHC Frozen Faceoff). How fantastic it would be if we had more Bulldog fans who would travel down with us in support of our team. You would think Duluth (150 miles away) could have at least as many fans there as North Dakota, but sadly that is not the case. We won’t draw one-tenth as many fans, even though the team is playing very well.

As for school spirit, the student section was loud during the Gophers game and a few others this year but they don’t bring their “A” game for many of the other contests. In years past there were groups of students who took it upon themselves to fire up the crowd around them with loud, creative and sometimes funny chants. Recently though, we as fans have been subjected to the endless rotation of the “Let’s go Bulldogs” and “U-M-D what” chants. Please come up with a few fresher ideas.

Tim Rooney


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