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Eagles punter Donnie Jones almost gets caught with sweatpants on

Philadelphia Eagles punter Donnie Jones is seen in an Aug 17 game. Eric Hartline / USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles punter Donnie Jones did his best to remain warm on a cold Sunday in the City of Brotherly Love.

With kickoff at 17 degrees and wind chill much colder, Jones wisely wore his warm-up sweatpants over his uniform for an extra layer of protection. The only problem for the 37-year-old Jones was he forgot to take them off as he went on the field for a punt with under six minutes to play in the second quarter.

Jones came to his senses before the snap, appropriately disrobed and pinned the Dallas Cowboys inside the 5-yard line.

He then raised his sweatpants to the crowd as he triumphantly galloped off the field.