Burke/South Central boys' beat Bon Homme 61-58

BONESTEEL -- Four players scored in double figures for Burke/South Central in a 61-58 win over Bon Homme Tuesday in high school boys' basketball action.

Wagner’s Derek Soukup, right, prepares to go up for a layup as he is defended by Tripp-Delmont/Armour’s Cody Hrdlicka during a high school boys’ basketball game Tuesday in Wagner. (Aaron Saunders/Republic)

BONESTEEL - Four players scored in double figures for Burke/South Central in a 61-58 win over Bon Homme Tuesday in high school boys’ basketball action.
Dell Drey had 17 points and nine rebounds, Sam Hazen had 16 points and 12 rebounds for a double-double, Ethan Fernau added 10 points and Tyson Vogt tallied 10 points. The Cougars shot 52 percent from the field.
Bon Homme also had four players scoring in the double digits, including Mike Mesman with 17, Scott VanWinkle with 13, Scott Weiseler with 12 and Hunter Young with 10. Bon Homme shot 47 percent from the field.
Burke/South Central (7-7) travels to Andes Central Thursday and Bon Homme (10-7) travels to Platte on Friday.
Wagner 70, Tripp-Delmont/Armour 50
WAGNER - Trajan Holiday led the scoring with 27 points for the Wagner Red Raiders in a win against the Tripp-Delmont/Armour Nighthawks in a boys’ basketball game Tuesday.
Derek Soukup added 16 points and six rebounds for Wagner.
Austin Barlow tallied 20 points for the Nighthawks and Cody Hrdlicka contributed 14.
Wagner (8-8) travels to Chamberlain and the Nighthawks (5-11) travel to Avon on Friday.
W 23 42 53 70
TDA 8 24 35 50

Parker 83, Bridgewater-Emery 52
PARKER - Jake Anderson led Parker with 30 points and seven rebounds in a win over the Bridgewater-Emery Huskies 83-52 Tuesday in a boys’ basketball game.
Reid Joffer recorded 13 points for Parker.
The Huskies’ leading scorer was Jerret Weber with 17 points and Wade Miller with 12.
Bridgewater-Emery (6-9) travels to Mitchell on Saturday for a game against Burke/South Central and Parker (13-4) travels to Hurley on Friday.
P 14 36 59 83
BE 12 18 33 52

Dell Rapids 70, Mount Vernon/ Plankinton 45
MOUNT VERNON - Dell Rapids won in a boys’ basketball game against the Mount Vernon/Plankinton Titans 70-45 Tuesday.
The top scorer for the Titans was Deric Denning with 20 points and Cote Hinker with five rebounds.
Mount Vernon/Plankinton (9-5) hosts Ethan Thursday.

St. Francis Indian 93, Winner 90

ST. FRANCIS - The Winner boys’ basketball team was edged 93-90 in double overtime by St. Francis Indian Tuesday.


Dalton Leiferman had 19 points, Nathan Galbraith scored 15 points and Sam Naasz and Brendan Harter each added 16 for Winner, which made 38 field goals and had 22 rebounds.
St. Francis Indian was led by Charles Broken Leg with 26 points.
Winner (5-11) hosts McLaughlin Friday, while St. Francis Indian (8-8) hosts Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Saturday.
W 18 42 58 71 78 90
SFI 22 37 60 71 82 93

Gregory 64, Santee (Neb.) 52
GREGORY - Gavin Thomas recorded a double-double as the Gregory boys’ basketball team beat Santee (Neb.) 64-52 Tuesday.
Thomas had game-highs 25 points and 13 rebounds, Mason Juracek added 12 points and Sean Kafka scored 11 in the win. The Gorillas were 24-of-56 from the field and 10-of-18 from the line.
Santee (3-12) was led by Damon Henry and Brady Pike with 11 points apiece.
Gregory (13-3) hosts Scotland Friday.
Sanborn Central/Woonsocket 94, Iroquois 35
WOONSOCKET - The Sanborn Central/Woonsocket boys’ basketball team scored 53 first-half points en route to beating Iroquois 94-35 Tuesday.
Jaedyn Ford scored a team-best 12 points, while Tyler Kueger and Davion Brooks each tallied 11 in the win. Garrett Larson had six rebounds for SCW, which was 37-of-62 from the field.
SCW (14-2) plays Highmore-Harrold Friday in Highmore.
SCW 25 53 82 94
I 11 25 33 35

Wolsey-Wessington 74, Wessington Springs 64
WESSINGTON SPRINGS - Lorenzo Williams scored 24 points to lead the Wolsey-Wessington boys’ basketball team to a 74-64 overtime victory over Wessington Springs Tuesday.
Ryne Johnson and Alex Babcock chipped in with 15 points, while Bennett White added 10 points in the loss.
Zachary Paulson led the way for Wessington Springs with a team-high 23 points and five rebounds. Jevon Hohn chipped in with 16 points, while Braden Jones added 10 points and nine rebounds. The Spartans were 20-of-51 from the field and 11-of-18 from the free-throw line.
WW (12-4) hosts Sunshine Bible Academy Friday in Wolsey, while WS (4-12) hosts Miller Thursday in Wessington Springs.
WS 19 38 51 62 64
WW 24 32 52 62 74

Parkston 59, Scotland 24
SCOTLAND - Spencer Lucas recorded a double-double to help the Parkston boys’ basketball team beat Scotland 59-24 Tuesday.
Lucas tallied 22 points and 10 rebounds, while Zach Scott chipped in with nine points and Wes Genant added 10 rebounds. The Trojans were 20-of-64 from the field and 15-of-21 from the free-throw line.
Tanner Skorepa led the way for Scotland with 12 points and six rebounds. Chandler Diede chipped in with six points. The Highlanders were 9-of-42 from the field and 6-of-11 from the free-throw line.
Parkston (12-4) plays Tea Area Friday in Tea, while Scotland (5-11) plays Gregory Friday in Gregory.
P 13 34 47 59
S 2 8 17 24

Viborg-Hurley 61, Avon 29
AVON - Viborg-Hurley defeated the Avon boys’ basketball team 61-29 Tuesday.
Devin Tolsma led Avon on the night with 10 points and four rebounds.
Viborg-Hurley was led by Jack Huether and Dakota Flint with 14 points apiece.
Avon (5-10) plays Tripp-Delmont/Armour Friday in Avon and Viborg-Hurley (12-4) plays Parker Friday in Hurley.
V 17 36 42 61
A 0 12 18 29

Platte-Geddes 68, Todd County 56
PLATTE - Coby Johnson had 34 points in the Platte-Geddes boys’ basketball team’s 68-56 win over Todd County Tuesday.
Carter Dykstra had 16 points and nine rebounds for Platte-Geddes, which shot 24-of-50 from the field, 14-of-18 from the line and had 30 rebounds.
Platte-Geddes (9-5) won the JV game 51-40 and hosts Bon Homme Friday.
PG 14 33 49 68
TC 13 31 47 56

Chamberlain 90, Crow Creek 42
STEPHAN - Chamberlain trumped Crow Creek 90-42 Tuesday in a high school boys’ basketball game.
Ruben Estes had the hot hand for Chamberlain with 26 points and 10 rebounds for a double-double. Skyler Bertram had 22 points and six rebounds and Hudson Prebe chipped in 11 points. Chamberlain shot 37-of-58 from the field, 7-of-13 from the line and recorded 38 rebounds and 12 turnovers.
Chamberlain (12-4) won the JV game and hosts Wagner Friday.
C 27 46 70 90
CC 3 15 21 42

Girls’ basketball


Wagner 79, Tripp-Delmont/Armour 54
WAGNER - Wagner defeated Tripp-Delmont/Armour in a girls’ basketball game with a score of 79-54.
Wagner was led in scoring by Ali Kuca with 17 points, while Gina Soukup and Emily Brunsing each recorded 16. The Red Raiders had 28 rebounds with Brunsing and Kuca both contributing eight. Kayla Deurmier had five steals and Soukup had nine assists.
Tripp-Delmont/Armour’s leading scorers were Jessica Sandau with 13 points and Hannah Just with 12 points. The Nighthawks had a total of 31 rebounds with Sandau pulling in seven.
Wagner (10-7) travels to Chamberlain and the Nighthawks (5-12) travel to Avon on Friday.
W 21 41 61 79
TDA 17 35 41 54

Scotland 49, Parkston 47
SCOTLAND - Scotland eked out a win against Parkston 49-47 Tuesday in a girls’ basketball game. The top players for Scotland were Carley Skorepa with 15 points, eight rebounds and four assists and Jessica Thum with 11 points and four rebounds.
Sadie Schoenfelder led Parkson with 17 points and Halli Heisinger added 11. Justene Alley chalked up nine points and six rebounds.
Scotland (5-12) travels to Gregory on Friday and Parkson (5-11) will host Lennox on Thursday.
S 12 22 36 49
P 9 21 33 47

Canistota 43, Menno 41
CANISTOTA - Canistota Hawk players Chloe Nielsen and Jenny Hofer each scored 11 points for the 43-41 win against the Menno Wolves Tuesday in a girls’ basketball game.
The Wolves shot 16 of 50 field goals and 10-of-16 from the free-throw line. Abby Herrboldt tallied 11 points for the Wolves, who made 14 of 29 field goals and were 12-of-14 from the free throw line.
Canistota won the JV game 24-23.
Canistota (11-7) travels to Ethan on Friday and Menno (3-14) travels to Howard on Monday.
C 11 26 36 43
M 9 22 32 41

Sanborn Central/Woonsocket 77, Iroquois 15
WOONSOCKET - Sanborn Central/Woonsocket picked up its 15th win of the season after it routed Iroquois 77-15 Tuesday in a high school girls’ basketball game.
Shelby Selland scored 19 points, while Rachel Selland, Tayla Weber and Savannah Swenson had 10 points apiece. Rachel Selland had 14 rebounds and Swenson brought down 10 for double-doubles. Shelby and Myah Selland had five assists apiece for the Blackhawks, who were 35-of-64 from the field, 6-of-9 from the line and had 43 rebounds and 10 turnovers.
SCW (15-1) plays at Highmore-Harrold Friday, while Iroquois (1-14) plays Hitchcock-Tulare Thursday.
SCW 22 42 56 77
I 3 7 10 15

Avon 51, Viborg-Hurley 25
AVON - Avon’s girls’ basketball team defeated Viborg-Hurley 51-25 Tuesday.
Chesney Nagel scored a game-high 24 points and had 12 rebounds for a double-double in the win. Ariana Oorlog added 13 points for Avon, which was 18-of-52 from the field, 12-of-15 from the line and had 32 rebounds.
Avon (14-4) won the JV game 39-12 and hosts Tripp-Delmont/Armour Friday.
A 7 20 26 51
VH 8 17 22 25

Mount Vernon/Plankinton 46,
Dell Rapids 24
MOUNT VERNON - Becca Glanzer scored a game-high 13 points as the Mount Vernon/Plankinton girls’ basketball team defeated Dell Rapids 46-24 Tuesday.
Dani Stoltz and Megan Bultsma each had 10 points, while Makaela Karst brought down 11 rebounds for the Titans, who shot 18-of-41 from the field and 10-of-12 from the line.
Dell Rapids was 10-of-41 from the field and had 11 turnovers.
MVP (12-4) plays Burke/South Central Friday at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, while Dell Rapids (4-11) hosts McCook Central/Montrose Thursday.
MVP 12 18 36 46
DR 9 11 16 24

Corsica/Stickney 69,
Andes Central 17
LAKE ANDES - Hope Menning had 21 points and six assists in Corsica/Stickney’s 69-17 win over Andes Central Tuesday in a high school girls’ basketball game.
Brianna Kuyper added 12 points and six steals for the Jaguars, who were 27-of-41 from the field, 3-of-4 from the line and had 26 rebounds and 16 turnovers.
Autumn Long Crow had a team-best eight points, while Beulah Black Cloud brought down a game-high 10 rebounds. The Eagles were 2-of-5 from the line, 6-of-30 from the field and had 23 rebounds.
Andes Central (1-14) plays in the Dakota Plains Invitational Thursday in Marty, while Corsica/Stickney (10-8) plays Hanson Friday at the Corn Palace in Mitchell.
CS 19 43 60 69
AC 5 11 15 17

Ethan 61, Marion 35
MARION - Ellie Hohn knocked down 19 points in the Ethan girls’ basketball team’s 61-35 victory over Marion Tuesday
Kacey Bartscher had 14 points, while Darbi Gustafson and Rachel Hawkins each had 12. Gustafson added seven rebounds and Hawkins had eight assists for Ethan, which was 23-of-41 from the field and 13-of-16 from the line.
Marion’s Erica Schoenwald scored 12 points and Elizabeth Davis had 11 rebounds. The Bears were 17-of-64 from the field and 2-of-6 from the line.
Ethan (14-4) hosts Canistota Friday, while Marion (4-12) won the JV game 34-31 and plays at Gayville-Volin Thursday.
E 15 29 44 61
M 9 15 27 35


White River 75, Gregory 48
GREGORY - White River beat Gregory 75-48 in a high school girls’ basketball game on Tuesday night.
Megan Preslicka led Gregory with 10 points and five rebounds and Briana Lebar had 14 points and six rebounds. Gregory shot 27 percent from the field, 60 percent from the free-throw line and grabbed 23 rebounds.
Gregory (2-15) plays Scotland Friday in Gregory and White River (7-10) plays Stanley County Thursday in White River.
W 18 38 56 75
G 11 24 37 48

Hanson 80, Freeman 31
ALEXANDRIA­­­ - Hanson won against Freeman 80-31 in a high school girls’ basketball game Tuesday night.
Kynedi Cheesman led Hanson with 22 points and five rebounds, Katlyn Schroeder had 16 and Hailey Doyle added 15 points. Hanson shot 69 percent from the field, shot 100 percent from the line and had 28 rebounds 17 rebounds.
Freeman was led by Taylor Hermsen with 14 points and Cailey Roth with nine rebounds. Freeman shot 24 percent from the field, 38 percent from the free-throw line and had 20 rebounds and 27 turnovers.
Hanson (16-2) plays Corsica/Stickney Friday at the Corn Palace in Mitchell and Freeman (13-6) plays Ethan Tuesday in Freeman.
Hanson beat Freeman in the JV game 49-23.
H 19 41 56 80
F 6 13 24 31

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