NAME: Elise Poe-Johnson

AGE: 18

HEIGHT: 5 feet, 8 inches

YEAR: Senior

TEAM: Two Harbors girls basketball

POSITION: Small forward

STATISTICS: Leads the team in rebounds (7.1), steals (3.3) and blocks (.7) this season.

What college or professional athlete inspires you and why?

The professional athlete that inspires me is Carli Lloyd. She is a very hard worker and has won multiple awards because of it.

What is one of your most memorable moments as an athlete?

My most memorable moments as an athlete are breaking multiple records in track and field and going to state. It is an amazing feeling to see hard work pay off.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to attend Lake Superior College to pursue a career as a physical therapist assistant/sports medicine.

What is your favorite activity or hobby outside of sports?

My favorite hobbies outside of sports are outside activities with my friends like hiking and swimming.

Describe your dream vacation.

My dream vacation is to go to Greece or somewhere warm and tropical.

Coach says:

"Elise does a really good job of leading the girls, she's always very positive and she never seems to get down," Two Harbors coach Dan Lillegard said. "As far as on the floor, she is non-stop, go-all-the-time in practice and in games. She's a very good kid and great to have on the team."

Elise Poe-Johnson's favorites

Pro athlete: Carli Lloyd

Pro team: Minnesota Timberwolves

College team: Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs

TV Show: "Criminal Minds"

Class/Subject: Advanced Chemistry

Actor: Adam Sandler

Pregame meal/snack: Crackers with aloe water or Gatorade