Auto racing: Copp crowned ‘King on the Hill’ with victory Sunday in Proctor

Driver from Brule earns redemption after coming up just short Friday in Superior.

Brandon Copp of Brule ended the weekend in style by winning the King on the Hill event as part of the Advantage RV Modified Tour stop Sunday, June 13, at Halvor Lines Speedway in Proctor.
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PROCTOR — Brandon Copp of Brule ended the weekend in style by winning the King on the Hill 40-lap Modified feature as part of the Advantage RV Modified Tour stop Sunday, June 13, at Halvor Lines Speedway in Proctor.

Copp had to settle for second to Grand Rapids’ Johnny Broking just two days early when the tour stopped at Gondik Law Speedway in Superior.

At Proctor, he made it crystal clear the only race Sunday would be for second as he overcame cautions and restarts by dominating time and again in earning the clean sweep by also winning his heat.

Shane Sabraski and Broking finished second and third, respectively, while Evan Checkalski took his second career feature by winning in Midwest Modifieds.

Cory Jorgensen (Pure Stocks) and A.J. House (Hornets) also earned clean sweeps on the night.


The other winners Friday in Superior included Sabraski in Super Stocks, Ryan Savoy in Midwest Modifieds, Jorgensen again in Pure Stocks and Justin Schelitzche in Hornets.

Old Timers Night and Picnic (with Northern Vintage Stock Cars), 5 p.m.

Last Sunday’s Feature Results

Advantage RV Modified Tour


1. Brandon Copp, 2. Shane Sabraski, 3. Johnny Broking, 4. Ryan Gierke, 5. Don Eischens, 6. Joseph Thomas, 7. Bob Broking, 8. Zach Johnson, 9. Billy Kendall III, 10. Jack Rivord, 11. Jody Bellefeuille, 12. Dave Cain, 13. Tim Thomas, 14. Parker Anderson, 15. Jeff Tardy, 16. John Toppozini, 17. Jeffrey Lien Jr., 18. Mike Klippenstein, 19. Hunter Anderson, 20. Donnie Lofdahl. DNF: Corky Thomas, Duane Dale.

Midwest Modifieds

1. Evan Checkalski, 2. Cody Carlson, 3. McLean Andrews, 4. Paul Ripley, 5. David Simpson, 6. Todd Carlson, 7. Austin Blom, 8. Carter Kinnear, 9. Anthony Gallian. DNF: Taylor Madrinich, Tanner Gehl, Brenden LePage, Matt Sorenson, Adam Shinn.

Pure Stocks

1. Cory Jorgensen, 2. Jake Smith, 3. Aaron Bernick, 4. Tyler Kachinske, 5. Nate Rose, 6. Anthony Woodhull.


1. A.J. House, 2. Kyle House, 3. Derek Ament, 4. Casey Fitzpatrick, 5. Caleb Decker, 6. Lucas Lillo, 7. Kristy Marken, 8. Richard Andrews Sr., 9. Noah Rose, 10. Riley Ament. DNF: Kyle LeDoux, Rick Andrews Jr., Eva Lillo, David Pederson.




Meet the Drivers Night, 7 p.m.

Last Friday’s Feature Results

Advantage RV Modified Tour


1. Johnny Broking, 2. Brandon Copp, 3. Shane Sabraski, 4. Joseph Thomas, 5. Dave Cain, 6. Don Eischens, 7. Ryan Gierke, 8. Rick Rivord, 9. Bob Broking, 10. Kelly Estey, 11. Jack Rivord, 12. Jody Bellefeuille, 13. Zach Johnson, 14. Billy Kendall III, 15. Parker Anderson, 16. Corky Thomas, 17. Hunter Anderson, 18. Cory Bruggeman, 19. Tyler Luger, 20. Tim Thomas, 21. Mike Klippenstein. DNF: Donnie Lofdahl, John Toppozini, Duane Dale, Al Uotinen, Jeffrey Lien Jr.

Super Stocks

1. Shane Sabraski, 2. Kyle Copp, 3. Matt Deragon, 4. D.J. Keeler, 5. Jim Campbell, 6. Randy Graham, 7. Scott Lawrence, 8. Jack Koranda, 9. Rita Anderson, 10. Taylor Madrinich, 11. Dan Peterson, 12. John Garrity. DNF: Brian Carl, Jase Lien. DNS: Chris Johnson.

Midwest Modifieds

1. Ryan Savoy, 2. Cody Carlson, 3. David Simpson, 4. McLean Andrews, 5. Jason VandeKamp, 6. Brady Uotinen, 7. James Vendela, 8. Wyatt Boyum, 9. Zach Benson, 10. Tanner Gehl, 11. Jesse Polson, 12. Dalton Mains, 13. Jason Schill, 14. Eric Gadach, 15. Scott Thompson, 16. Kalan Wagner, 17. Andrew Inman, 18. Evan Checkalski, 19. Austin Blom, 20. Taylor Madrinich, 21. Anthony Gallian. DNF: Jimmy Latvala, Paul Ripley, Jared Akervik, Zach Slayton. DNS: Matt Tollers.

Pure Stocks

1. Cory Jorgensen, 2. Aaron Bernick, 3. Tyler Kachinske, 4. Nate Rose, 5. Anthony Woodhull, 6. Jessie Limberios, 7. Guy Gaskill, 8. Tom Treviranus.


1. Justin Schelitzche, 2. Mac Johnston, 3. Paul George, 4. DeJay Jarecki, 5. Carson Gotelaere, 6. Tyler Schramm, 7. Carter Matthews, 8. Casey Fitzpatrick, 9. Ken Hapy 10. Patrick Passeri, Noah Rose.


Saturday — Race of Champions Qualifier, 6:30 p.m.


Thursday — Regular Racing, 6:30 p.m.

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