Auto racing: Bellefeuille leads from flag to flag for $10,000 WISSOTA Modified purse

Cody Carlson survived a Midwest Modified feature with five cautions in 25 laps.

Patrick Heikkinen and Ken Hron won Sprint Car features Friday at Gondik Law Speedway in Superior on a night marred by a serious accident in a vintage car heat race.
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SUPERIOR — Jody Bellefeuille was the class of the field in the 50-lap WISSOTA Modified feature race Saturday at Gondik Law Speedway as part of the sixth annual Great Lakes Border Battle weekend.

The Duluth driver led from the start, holding off Don Eischens as the race went the distance without a caution flag. Bellefeuille stayed on point to the checkered flag, earning a $10,000 payday.

A field of 47 Modifieds took part in the two-day event, joined by 78 more cars across the Super Stock, Midwest Modified, Pure Stock and Hornet divisions.

Eischens took second with Ashley Anderson taking third.

On the other hand, Saturday's Midwest Modified feature had five yellow flags, with a run on cautions late in the 25-lap event. Skeeter Estey started from pole and dueled with Cody Carlson for the top spot. Carlson prevailed, taking the lead from Estey for good on a restart with less than five laps to go. Estey finished second with Andrew Inman third.


Shane Sabaraski put in a dominant performance to win in Super Stocks, winning by 11.2 seconds in his fourth victory of the season. In Pure Stocks, Cory Jorgensen overcame an early challenge from Tom Treviranus to claim a fourth Border Battle victory.

In the Hornets, Justin Schelitzche took a confident win, while Carter Matthews was second and Paul George, who wrecked across the finish line, was third.


6th Annual Border Battle

Saturday at Gondik Law Speedway (Superior)

1. Jody Bellefeuille; 2. Don Eischens; 3. Ashley Anderson; 4. Shane Sabraski; 5. Rodney Sanders; 6. Daniel Bargender; 7. Dan Ebert; 8. Johnny Broking; 9. Mike Anderson; 10. Al Uotinen; 11. Dave Cain; 12. Billy Kendall III; 13. Brandon Dolman; 14. Andy Jones; 15. Brandon Copp; 16. Clayton Wagamon; 17. Ward Imrie; 18. Ryan Gierke; 19. Kelly Estey; 20. John Toppozini; 21. Bob Broking; 22. Darrell Nelson; DNF: Shane Howell, Cole Spacek.

Super Stock

1. Shane Sabraski; 2. Dylan Nelson; 3. Kyle Copp; 4. Dexton Koch; 5. Jake Froemke; 6. Scott Lawrence; 7. Jordan Henkemeyer; 8. Dylan Kromschroeder; 9. Andrew Mackey; 10. Andy Grymala; 11. Doug Koski; 12. Jase Lien; 13. Josh Schmidt; 14. Chris Johnson; 15. Larry Both; 16. Taylor Madrinich; 17. Myron Basina; 18. Tom Smart; 19. Rita Anderson; DNF: Dalton Carlson; Tristan LaBarge; Matt Koski. DNS: Nick Oreskovich; Darin Meierotto.

Midwest Modifieds

1. Cody Carlson; 2. Skeeter Estey; 3. Andrew Inman; 4. Tyler Kintner; 5. Zach Benson; 6. Cole Boston; 7. Jake Smith; 8. Corey Mehrwerth; 9. Brandon Mehrwerth; 10. Ryan Savoy; 11. Brady Uotinen; 12. Nick Ayotte; 13. Jesse Polson; 14. Cole Elton; 15. Scott Thompson; 16. Joey Wagamon; DNF: James Berglund; Eric Gadach; Kennedy Swan; Evan Checkalski; Ashley Mehrwerth; William Moelter; Jason VandeKamp; Scott Splittstoesser; Wyatt Boyum.

Pure Stock

1. Cory Jorgensen; 2. Tom Treviranus; 3. Aaron Bernick; 4. Jessie Limberios; 5. Tyler Kachinske; 6. Zachary Folz; 7. David Pederson; 8. Anthony Woodhull; 9. Kat Luretig; DNF: Austin Carlson.


1. Justin Schelitzche; 2. Carter Matthews; 3. Paul George; 4. Mac Johnston; 5. Rachel Boston; 6. Blake Hawker; 7. Joshua Kough; 8. Lucas Lillo.


Super Stock

1. Shane Sabraski; 2. Kyle Copp; 3. Dylan Nelson; 4. Jordan Henkemeyer; 5. D.J. Keeler; 6. Dexton Koch; 7. Nick Oreskovich; 8. Andy Grymala; 9. Scott Lawrence; 10. Andrew Mackey; 11. Dylan Kromschroeder; 12. Darin Meierotto; 13. Dalton Carlson; 14. Jase Lien; 15. Josh Schmidt; 16. Jake Froemke; 17. Taylor Madrinich; 18. Dan Severson; 19. Tom Smart; 20. Larry Both; 21. Rita Anderson; 22. Chris Johnson; DNF: Thomas Karaba; Dan Peterson; Tristan LaBarge; Matt Koski.

Midwest Mods

1. Ryan Savoy; 2. Cody Carlson; 3. Ashley Mehrwerth; 4. Andrew Inman; 5. Brandon Mehrwerth; 6. Ashton Schulte; 7. Nick Ayotte; 8. Wyatt Boyum; 9. Scott Splittstoesser; 10. Cole Elton; 11. Jason VandeKamp; 12. Evan Checkalski; 13. William Moelter; 14. James Vendela; 15. Joey Wagamon; DNF: Skeeter Estey; Derek Stanoch; Cole Boston; Brady Uotinen; Chris Bretting; Tanner Gehl; Zach Benson; Corey Mehrwerth; Kennedy Swan.

Pure Stock

1. Cory Jorgensen; 2. Tyler Kachinske; 3. James Rahn; 4. Austin Carlson; 5. Dylan Shelton; 6. Aaron Bernick; 7. Bryar Zimmerman; 8. Michael Grover; 9. Tom Treviranus; 10. Anthony Woodhull; 11. Zene Anderson; DNF: David Pederson; Jessie Limberios; Kat Luretig.


1. Justin Schelitzche; 2. Carter Matthews; 3. Paul George; 4. A.J. House; 5. Derek Dunbar; 6. Rachel Boston; 7. Blake Hawker; 8. Lucas Lillo.

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