Q: I own several canoes and kayaks, all non-motorized. The current registration stickers are attached to the boats but I generally keep the ownership card on file at home. Is it necessary for me to carry the boat ownership registration cards with me or on the boat when in use?


A: State statute requires that even non-motorized watercraft, if they are longer than 10 feet, be registered. They do not have to display the letters/numbers like the motorized craft do, but the year sticker must be affixed on the front half of the hull.

The registration card is also different for motorized and non-motorized craft. DNR Rule 6110.0200 says: " No person shall operate or use a watercraft, except a nonmotorized canoe, kayak, sailboat, sailboard, paddle board, paddle boat, or rowing shell required to be licensed unless the license certificate for such watercraft is on board and available for inspection by authorized enforcement officers."

So to answer the question here, you would not be required to carry the registration card on you or in the boat for canoes or kayaks. However, the rule does require that owners of these vessels have the card available within a reasonable period of time for inspection by an enforcement officer.

Jake Willis is a Minnesota State Conservation Officer covering the Brookston Station. Send your questions to outdoors@duluthnews.com.