Several Northland athletes finished among the top 10 in various categories of last week's Arrowhead 135 endurance race from International Falls to Tower.

The 14th annual race that includes bikers, runners and cross-country skiers started Monday, with the last finishers reaching Fortune Bay Casino on Wednesday. The 135-mile race has a reputation as one of the toughest in the world, sometimes seeing a majority of competitors drop out along the course through the northern Minnesota wilderness. There's a mandatory 60-hour cutoff to finish the event.

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This year saw temperatures well below zero at the start, and around 30 below zero at times along the trail as racers kept moving day and night. About 67 percent of this year's field - 100 of 149 - reached the finish line, according to the race website. The average over the years has been about 50 percent.

Jay Petervary of Idaho was the first finisher, reaching Tower by bike in 13 hours, 16 minutes, just one minute off the race record set last year.

Duluth's Ron Williams took fourth place among bikers, with a time of 15 hours, 39 minutes. Todd McFadden of Duluth, who won the Arrowhead 135 in 2013, finished seventh among bikers this year in 16:15. McFadden was among the racers who chose to compete unsupported, meaning he was not allowed to stop at any of the three checkpoints along the way.

Also in the bike competition, Duluth's Jere Mohr finished in 20th place, with a time of 22:53. Leah Gruhn of Duluth finished fifth among women, and 46th overall, in 36:05.

Among runners, the top finisher was John Storkamp of Hastings, Minn., in 38 hours.

Local runners to finish the race included Jeff Rock of Cloquet in 10th place in 45 hours, 1 minute; Peter Miner and Paul Miner of Duluth, tied in 21st place in 52:14; Dave Schuneman of Duluth, 28th place, 54:06; and Tony Stensland of Duluth, 29th, 54:15.

Mike Stattelman of Duluth finished second among runners using a kicksled, reaching Fortune Bay in 42 hours, 26 minutes; Ladislaus Strzok of Duluth finished third in 53 hours.

Carl Skustad of Ely finished second among cross-country skiers, in 38 hours, 10 minutes.

The Miners and Strzok completed the Arrowhead 135 running-biking-skiing triad this year, after previously successfully skiing and biking the event. Jerritt Johnston of Ely also received the honor, finishing 53rd among bikers this year in 39:51 after previously running and skiing the race.

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