The Northwoods League announced Saturday that due to roster violations, the Duluth Huskies will have five wins removed from their second-half record.

The Huskies' three wins against Waterloo July 28-29 and two wins against Eau Claire on Thursday and Friday will be removed. All other statistics for these games will remain intact except for the wins, losses and saves for the pitchers involved, a news release from the Northwoods League said. Waterloo's and Eau Claire's records will have the losses removed but will not receive wins.

Northwoods League Great Lakes Division president Matt Bomberg said roster rules state a team can only have 14 position players on its roster at one time and once a player plays in the field after June 15, they are considered a position player.

"Duluth moved a position player to a pitcher's spot on the roster and they then also had 14 position players still listed," Bomberg said. "At that point, they had 15 position players even though they were showing the former position player as a pitcher on the roster."

The Huskies were 18-10 and in first place in the Great Plains East Division before the record change. The Huskies dropped to 13-11 after a 3-2, 10-inning loss at Thunder Bay on Saturday, dropping them a game behind first-place Eau Claire. Duluth has six games left in the regular season, which ends Aug. 11.