Rick Lubbers

Rick Lubbers

Executive editor

As executive editor of the News Tribune, Rick enjoys working with the talented journalists in the newsroom and talking with readers about the stories they are reading. Rick can’t remember a time when he wanted to do anything else but work in the newspaper industry. Even as a child, he would create miniature newspapers on his typewriter and deliver them to his friends down the street.

Now a journalist with 30 years of industry experience, Rick has been in his role since 2014 and at the News Tribune since 2005. Previous Northland stops include the Superior Telegram (1999-2005) and Budgeteer News (1997-1999). Prior to that, Rick worked at the St. Cloud Times and Annandale Advocate in Minnesota, and the Greenville Daily News and Grand Rapids Press in Michigan. In his free time, Rick enjoys reading, watching sports, walking in the Great Outdoors, binge-watching dystopian thrillers and chilling out with his wife and two children.

He can contacted by phone at 218-723-5301 or email at rlubbers@duluthnews.com. You can follow him on Twitter @ricklubbersdnt

Some 2,800 miles, nearly 3 1/2 years, one pandemic and one emergency gallbladder surgery later, the baseball hall of fame has finally been crossed off my list of must-visit locations.
I’ve never seen Bigfoot. Nor do I expect to see one any more than I expect to experience a Richard Dreyfuss-like “Close Encounter of the Third Kind” on my drive home from work tonight.
I retired from competitive tag over 40 years ago, so I don’t recall what we called the safe zone in tag — if there even was such a thing — but I know for sure that we didn’t call it gool.
With so many of us working from home now, how tempting is that bed or couch in your home office when you’ve just finished a two-hour board meeting on Zoom?
All this was said with a lot of gauze in his mouth and haze in his head, so much of it is up to interpretation.
Entire libraries could be filled with books that tip a hat to Duluth and the Northland.
It takes a room full of talented and nimble journalists to make our pages and website come alive with a mixture of stories and photos.
I’ve been blessed to be in this business for nearly 30 years now and I still marvel at the variety of stories that get published in a given week.
Duluth has many faces, personalities and definitions, but this was as quintessential a “Duluth evening” as I can recall experiencing.
An ode to Fair Season ... and elephant ears, cheese curds and deep-fried Oreos.