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Back Then with Tracy Briggs

Midwest memories of the good old days and a few cool people we’ve met along the way.

Their school days were so different from ours, but COVID-era graduates have an important message for us
Wed May 25 05:30:00 EDT 2022
Perhaps it’s unavoidable as a parent — when your child hurts, you hurt. When they’re sick, you’d rather be sick for them. But it doesn’t work that way, right? Still, the empathy we feel for them never goes away.

Ask any parent of a child who graduated either from high school or college these past three years. The classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022 have certainly had a different school experience than their parents did. The pandemic made sure of that with its whole new world of online learning, masked-up, social-distanced events and all-out cancellations.

From 'Where's the beef? to 'Let's get Mikey,' what are your favorite old TV commercials?
Wed May 18 06:00:00 EDT 2022
When you only have 3 or 4 stations, you tend to hear the same commercials over and over again, and boy do we remember them. "Back Then" columnist Tracy Briggs wants to know your favorites.

Did these high school girls really earn letters for eating breakfast?
Wed May 11 05:30:00 EDT 2022
These young women in Grand Forks Central's 1936 yearbook didn't just earn school letters by eating breakfast, but that was a big part of the drill.

Meet "The Outing Club."

Do you know these men? Another European cemetery needs your help to find photos of fallen WWII soldiers
Wed May 04 05:30:00 EDT 2022
For Memorial Day, an American military cemetery in Cambridge wants to honor the Americans (including North Dakotans and Minnesotans) who are buried there with photos beside their grave markers. Maybe you know one of these men.

Grand Forks high schoolers attempted to set a teeter-totter world record in 1966
Wed Apr 27 05:30:00 EDT 2022
They endured long hours in the snow and cold. Whatever happened to the high school boys who tried to make seesaw history?
What Fonzie didn't tell you about life in the '50s
Wed Apr 20 13:00:00 EDT 2022
The 1950 U.S. Census has officially been released after 72 years of waiting. What you learn about America back then might surprise you, according to columnist Tracy Briggs.
Were these questionable retro candies part of your childhood?
Wed Apr 13 13:00:00 EDT 2022
Some of these candies have been around for more than 100 years and might bring back great memories of childhood, but columnist Tracy Briggs has a question: Would you eat them today?
1970s kids remember candy cigarettes and freedom at their little corner stores
Wed Apr 06 11:45:11 EDT 2022
It might have been a little corner store, but for kids it was their first taste of freedom, columnist Tracy Briggs says. But she wonders, will her children ever feel the way she did?
Remembering Fargo's Pavarotti of pork chops
Wed Mar 30 10:40:07 EDT 2022
Napoleon and Simone Masse delighted customers at their tiny north Fargo grocery store. Now one former customer has a piece of their past in her kitchen.
You might have tried to bring an ancestor back to life, but now you can give them a voice
Wed Mar 23 12:07:04 EDT 2022
The genealogy site MyHeritage is not only animating old photos, they're helping deceased loved ones talk and tell you their "LiveStory."