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Pam Solberg-Tapper, president of Coach for Success Inc., is a Duluth-based executive coach, professional speaker and adventure marathoner. For questions or to submit questions or ideas for future columns, contact her at or 218-729-0772.

Set an intentional one-word theme; create a morning ritual; and other tips.
The technique is an approach to help facilitate your opinion without damaging relationships and fostering better outcomes.
Leaders should try this exercise to access sound advice from themselves.
"The only way on Earth to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it," Dale Carnegie said.
People with good relationships tend to accept the different styles, opinions and ideas of others.
Reframing is a way to shift from diminished or self-limiting points of view on a topic toward other new, more uplifting possibilities.
One of the main reasons you forget someone’s name is that you’re not really focused on learning it due to other things vying for your attention.
The time commitment can range from 15-90 minutes.
Byron Katie, an American author and speaker teaches a method of self-inquiry known as “The Work." Her premise is that we suffer when we believe our negative thoughts. She says we create stories in our minds that in most instances are not true. Some common examples are “I am not good enough," “I never have enough time” or “This is too hard."