I am writing this to express my opinions about the city of Duluth, one of its museums and one of its exhibits at that museum.

I had the pleasure of visiting Duluth during the week of July 4. On Friday, July 6, I ended up at the St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center. I came upon the most powerful experience I had while in Duluth, the exhibit, "Race: Are we so Different?" This exhibit, in the Children's Museum space downstairs at the Depot, was incredible. I would like to encourage all residents of Duluth and all visitors to go to this powerful exhibition.

The exhibit includes educational stations about the concept and human construct of race and how race impacts Americans today. There is a video, "We All Live with Race," that features 13 different speakers from different backgrounds. The stories they tell are impactful and inspiring.

Overall, I learned more in my two hours at this exhibit than I have in a long time.

Not only did Duluth teach me about the physical diversity and beauty of my country, it taught me about the physical diversity and beauty of its people.

Jessica Gallant lives in Philadelphia.