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Reader's view: Celebrate Ayesha this Women’s History Month

While we celebrate the bravery and leadership of women in Women’s History month, I would like to commemorate a strong Muslim woman, Ayesha.

Ayesha is an important figure in Islamic history. She was the wife and close companion of the Prophet. Her logical mindset and intellect helped Ayesha attain a deep understanding of Islam. She had an excellent memory and was an eloquent speaker. These traits combined allowed Ayesha to educate many generations of Muslim men and women.

After Prophet Muhammad’s demise, scholars turned to Ayesha for judgment and interpretation of Islamic law. Many of the documented narrations of the Prophet can be traced back to Ayesha.

She was not only a scholar and a teacher but also a leader. At a time when it was imperceivable for women to lead an army, Ayesha led one. She showed that she was capable of standing up for her principles just like the men around her.

Ayesha was a powerful Muslim woman who was an inspiration for the women of the past and remains an inspiration for women today. In this Women’s History month I want to recognize Ayesha as a resilient leader and bold woman.

Shanze Hayee


The writer is a 9th-grader at Duluth East High School.