Reader's View: Zupancich most ready to replace me in Senate

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I have served for 28 years as a member of the Legislature, representing Northeastern Minnesotans. In that time, I have fought hard for our values at the Capitol and learned how to navigate the difficult legislative process to benefit my constituents. I have been elected and re-elected 10 times by large margins because the voters know I put their interests over partisan interests.

I also know for a fact that, in contrast to the News Tribune editorial , Andrea Zupancich is the best candidate to replace me in the state Senate. She, like me, understands northern Minnesota. She’s a long-time resident, mayor, and small-business owner who understands our values and knows how to get things done. She’s ready to hit the ground running to support workers, combat inflation, and improve our children’s education.

I know Zupancich won’t back down to the political extremes. She’s promoted Minnesota mining to both President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump, putting the needs of the district first. She is someone who will put Northeastern Minnesotans above political party and who will have the ability to sway her colleagues to help our interests. She will be a new face in the Senate, but her knowledge and experience as a northern Minnesotan will make her a leader on day one, something most first-time candidates don’t have.

Please join me in voting for Andrea Zupancich on or before Nov. 8, because she is the best candidate to fill my shoes. She can work collaboratively with Democrats and Republicans to deliver on lowering costs, improving our children’s education, and tackling crime. She’s done a fantastic job as mayor of Babbitt, and she deserves the opportunity to carry on the legacy of strong, independent-minded, northern-Minnesota legislators who deliver for our region.

Sen. Tom Bakk



The writer has represented Minnesota Senate District 3 since 2002. He was first elected to the Minnesota House in 1994. He wrote this in response to the News Tribune’s Oct. 25 “ Our View/Endorsement” editorial, “Hauschild the more ready to replace Bakk ."

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