Reader's View: Without consequences, we head toward collapse

It seems sentences are being reduced and violent offenders are being allowed early parole.

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The wickedness we are seeing occur throughout our country appears to be far beyond one’s imagination. I’m referring to the seeming increase in violent crimes, in immoral acts committed upon young children, in drug use, and in those involved in anti-semitism. We are seeing a lot of anger being played out on the nightly news, and there seem to be few out there to stop it.

Know what? It’s all likely to increase, as we’ve shied away from consequences. It seems sentences are being reduced and violent offenders are being allowed early parole. How well do you know your neighbors?

It only points to how far we’ve fallen from “one nation under God.” What can we expect, however, when we see millions of family units disintegrated? It seems to me we’ve become a nation of fewer rights made up of self-serving individuals who express more love for the cars they drive than their families.

To think we are not headed toward total collapse would require being a resident of Fantasy Island.

Jimmy Luhm


Yuma, Arizona

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