Reader's View: Why not cancel fireworks like Lester Golf?

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Let me begin by saying I certainly understand the need for the city of Duluth to make needed adjustments to the budget during these unprecedented times. What I don't understand is Mayor Emily Larson postponing the Fourth of July fireworks display until around Labor Day rather than cancelling it altogether.

She decided to close Lester Park Golf Course for the entire season, even though an open course would have permitted countless folks recreation and exercise in a healthy manner for several months. I'm not sure what the actual savings will wind up being for the city. Does Larson think that blowing probably around $50,000-plus on a fireworks show for 20 minutes of oohs and ahhs is money well spent?

There are many things people look forward to in life, but I for one think she could use those funds for something a bit more strategic.

Zach Taran


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