Reader's View: What Trump did has to have consequences

The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was a culmination of years of immorality, lawlessness, misogyny, and downright cruelty to all who opposed him.

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A letter Jan. 21 asked, “What would it take for Stauber to consider impeachment?” At first I thought this was a trick question, but not so. It really only took me a few seconds to come up with the correct answer. Had President Donald Trump been a Democrat, Stauber and most of his GOP colleagues would have strained themselves to rush the well of the House in Olympic time to introduce articles of impeachment claiming Trump a traitor.

Stauber has called for us to “tone down the rhetoric and understand that first and foremost we are Americans.” How hypocritical and disingenuous. Where was his admonition to “tone down the rhetoric” when Trump was constantly disparaging virtually every minority in the country and fomenting conspiracies? I don’t recall him saying to Trump to tone down the rhetoric.

I do, in fact, agree with Stauber’s request for all Americans to bring down the heat of our words, but it was first and foremost incumbent on Congress to do its constitutional and moral duty in impeaching Trump. The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was a culmination of years of immorality, lawlessness, misogyny, and downright cruelty to all who opposed him. His actions should be egregious enough to bar him from ever holding federal office again.

In order for this nation to heal, Republicans and all Americans must come to the realization that the aforementioned actions by an American president must have consequences.

An unnamed member of a recent Republican administration said, “I have learned through sad experience that no one has lost money betting on the seemingly bottomless capacity of congressional R's for self-abasement and cowardice.”


I challenge Stauber to please prove him wrong.

Steve Cushing


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