Reader's View: We need to pull closer, not be divided

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It is with a heavy heart that I watch my friends and neighbors hating one another due to different viewpoints. We must remember that we will never agree with the other side on 100% of the issues. This does not mean we cannot come together to produce positive results.

As Mahatma Gandhi stated, “Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.”

During these times, we must come together and listen with open hearts and minds to others. Although we may not agree with them, we can always learn from understanding another’s view on an issue. We have let ourselves become divided during a time when we must pull closer to one another and support our fellow human being.

Yes, disagree, but instead of refusing to listen to one another and spewing hate and personal attacks, engage in respectful discussions with those who see things differently. Learn from them. We are quickly becoming a divided society when we need our communities to be united more than ever.

Be the one who refuses to head down the path of hatred and division and instead focus on the human heart of your neighbor.


Hillary Hedin


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