Reader's View: Vow not to blindly follow Trump was a lie

Are they afraid of a president who just got voted out by more than 7 million votes?

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Unfortunately, the Constitution does not allow for states to recall U.S. representatives.

I do not believe the majority of Minnesotans were onboard with Reps. Jim Hagedorn of Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District, Tom Emmer of District 6, and Pete Stauber of District 8 joining an amicus brief filed to the Supreme Court in support of a suit brought by the Texas attorney general. This attorney general is currently under FBI investigation. Perhaps this was a show of loyalty for pardon quid pro quo, but what could possibly have been in it for these representatives from Minnesota?

I can only think of their actions as cowardice, unlawful, and in violation of their oaths of office and the U.S. Constitution. Are they afraid of a president who just got voted out by more than 7 million votes?

By signing onto this brief, they encouraged the Supreme Court to throw out the certified votes of all voters in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The reason: their guy did not win and like a petulant child has refused to accept it. Or perhaps it’s as simple as greed and power.

I believe this was unconstitutional. Had it succeeded ( “US Supreme Court swiftly ends Trump-backed Texas bid to upend election results, ” Dec. 11), we would have been an authoritarian government, and our democracy would have perished.


I recall Rep. Stauber saying during his campaign that he’d be his own man and not just blindly follow the president. Well, to me, that appears to have been a lie.

I cannot understand why many Republicans seem to think the average citizens of places like Russia, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, and Mexico — all corrupt, authoritarian, or dictatorship countries — have better lives than we do here in the U.S. and want that here. To fellow Minnesotans who feel like this, in two years, remember to vote out the unscrupulous people!

Eugene “Gene” Stevens


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