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Reader's View: US must stop its military madness

Will America be lured into another action as we police the universe with our young women and men?

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With Vladimir Putin building up his troops to take over Ukraine, America seems to once again be positioning itself for involvement in yet another conflict.

Will America be lured into another action as we police the universe with our young women and men? If so, it promises to create another generation of PTSD-afflicted youth, some for 40 to 60 years and on 100% disability.

Since I was a schoolboy in the 1950s and 1960s, military recruiters have been allowed into our public schools to promote the merits of a military career, speaking about free college, VA loans, flying a jet, great pay, base housing, and more. The recruiters don’t mention death, dismemberment, lifelong disabilities, and flashbacks. Many young men and women commit themselves to service without parental consent as minors, and, in my opinion this should no longer be allowed.

We still lose 29 veterans daily to suicide, according to Megan Meyers of Military Times. Four times as many troops and vets die by suicide as in combat.

According to David Vine of Muck Rack, the U.S. controls 750 bases in more than 80 countries and spends more on its military than the next 10 countries combined.


God created the heavens and earth, and somehow America feels it has been chosen to babysit it by spreading democracy. Meanwhile, at home, since “45” came along, our nation is divided and fragile.

We in North America are only reachable by air or water 7,000 miles or so from foreign problems, and we spend our citizens’ tax dollars on nose trouble rather than investing in our country’s anti-ballistic shoreline systems to safeguard us at home.

Bring home the troops, and stop the madness.

Tim Kaspari


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