Reader's View: US lost all credibility by pulling troops

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The reactions to President Donald Trump's pulling out U.S. troops from Northern Syria — essentially giving Turkish President Erdogan a clear path to wipe out the Kurdish people and giving ISIS the green light to move back in — have ranged from outrage to despair across social media.

There are two major consequences to Trump’s insane order.

One is that we are all complicit in the genocide of the Kurdish people if we sink into despair and become silent. I spoke with my Kurdish friends recently and learned that civilians are not allowed out of Northern Syria. Truckloads of civilians were attacked by mortars and bombs as they tried to flee to another country. Convoys bringing humanitarian aid were attacked The civilians that are still alive are forced to turn to the Syrian and Russian dictatorships for protection.

The second is we are complicit in the unleashing of ISIS terrorism if we don't somehow find a way to put a stop to this. ISIS affiliates have escaped jails and are free to regroup and re-establish. Erdogan has given them the green light to do so.

I don't expect anything from political leaders in this country. The ones who would want to stop this cannot. Still more are too afraid to say anything one way or the other, as the empire is crumbling fast now and all sense of moral decency in our political system is lost.


Maybe we the people need to march en masse to the United Nations and ask for other countries to intervene. The United States has lost all credibility. Let's not let the good people of the U.S. lose credibility as well.

Michele Naar-Obed


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