Reader's View: Urge Republicans to think for themselves

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In response to the Jan. 29 letter, “ Democrats are the ones guilty ,” where do I start?

One of the beautiful traits that separates Americans from other societies is the freedom we share in independent thinking. Sadly, this trait was totally absent from the letter. Every “fact” seemed parroted from its original author, the Republican Party. The only thing missing was the tired reference to Benghazi.

The first red flag was the lack of understanding and complacency involving President Donald Trump’s plethora of verifiable lies. Again, independent thinking. Remember when Evangelical Christians cried out for a return to morality? Now, somehow equating Supreme Court justices to turning a blind eye to Trump’s indiscretions will bring about God’s favor. When did integrity become a commodity for sale? Maybe if we can overturn Roe v. Wade, Trump’s infidelity will go unnoticed. Again, independent thinking.

Republicans love quoting President Ronald Reagan’s, “Are you better off today than four years ago?” If you are one of the chosen few, maybe.

We are going to replace Obamacare with something even better, Republicans said. What is it? Blind followers are still waiting with anticipation. Independent thinkers are grateful for action taken and results.


Yes, the swamp has been drained. Americans loving constitutional liberties and responsibilities have been replaced with self-serving, hardened criminals.

People, I urge you to begin thinking for yourselves. In the end, don’t be one of those still holding the cup of Kool-Aid.

Tony Heikkila


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