Reader's View: Understand epic mistakes from history

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The safe haven of government “by the people” is endangered by sympathy scammers, offended liberals, and radicalized narcissists blinded by hate who can’t face blatant belligerent truth. They’re armed with mainstream media’s corrupt narratives to manipulate America’s path forward, weakening America and threatening future generations.

Young Americans will fill skills gaps, start families, build homes, and assume debt, hardly noticing while radical Democrats seed layoffs and losses, exploit American generosity, educate illegal aliens, dilute American opportunity, replace the electorate, and — 20 years from now and still morally bankrupt — replace those young Americans mid-career by newly trained, politically and economically bribed illegal aliens.

Understanding epic mistakes from history is better than creating crises for political control.

Consider the culprits responsible for American manufacturing declines finally exposed in a May 2018 by Gwynn Guilford: “Ill-founded policymaking radically restructured the U.S. economy and reshuffled the social order. The America that resulted is more unequal and more polarized than it’s been in decades, if not nearly a century.”

A 2009 study, cited by Guilford, used non-public government data to show that American Trade Policy’s impact on American manufacturing declines far outweighed automation.


Unsurprisingly, lacking media sensationalism, decades of Democrat policymakers’ false “no-problem” narratives dismissed foreign competition and the strategic value of manufacturing. Globalist Democrats enabled off-shoring through globalist trade policy, ultimately redistributing middle-class American wealth to an elite few.

Multiple financial scandals, 9/11, and the 2008 Great Recession saw Americans laid off and sidelined mid-career, aghast that President Barack Obama bailed out Wall Street, caused stagnant destabilizing reemployment, and ensured his legacy of Americans who would never fully recover.

Epic mistakes make history worth remembering.

Warner Gouin

Inver Grove Heights, Minn.

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