Reader's View: Unconscionable not to support Global Fund

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Kudos to the Sept. 24 letter, “Saving lives worth the public funding,” which drew attention to the world's most effective force to battle pandemic disease, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria.

Few people realize that the U.S. spends just less than half of 1% of our entire federal budget on global health, which includes the Global Fund, according to Friends of the Global Fight. Yet the Global Fund strengthens global health care systems to fight sudden outbreaks such as Ebola, increases stability in fragile countries, and engenders economic benefits by protecting the health of breadwinners and their families. Poverty is both a cause and a result of disease.

But growing drug resistance, underfunding, and diminishing political will threaten the Global Fund's progress. House Resolution 517 and Senate Resolution 318 merely ask for our continued financial pittance support for the Global Fund. It's unconscionable and counterproductive not to support it.

Donna Munro

Bremerton, Wash.


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