Reader's View: Trump’s mistakes during pandemic mount

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I begged to differ with the April 13 letter, “ Trump bearing the burden well ” and weigh in like any armchair observer of President Donald Trump. Many mistakes were made leading up to and now during this pandemic. The president, so eloquently described in the letter as bearing this burden well, is laughable at best.

Do you remember Trump saying this was just a flu and basically that we had it covered? I loved the line that it was a Democratic hoax, too. Then he went golfing — at the expense of taxpayers.

Meanwhile, there is a shortage of personal protective equipment for health care providers. Trump said nurses and doctors could clean the masks and reuse them. I don’t know how many stories I’ve read and seen on TV about nurses fearing they may get sick from treating patients because they don’t have enough personal protective equipment. But because these stories aren’t often told on Fox News, then they must be fake news, right?

While this is all going on, Trump is trying to dismantle the EPA for his own gain as well as his corporate friends. The U.S. Postal Service seems to be his next target.

Oh, he’s bearing his burden well all right — by blaming the previous administration for the lack of personal protective equipment and ventilators and by telling the public it was up to the states to have stockpiles of much-needed essentials to fight this virus as well as testing kits to tell us where we’re at with the spread of this virus. He and his son-in-law tell us the national stockpile is “ours.” That means the states’, doesn’t it? Or is it just Trump’s and his son-in-law’?


Brian LaFrenier


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