Reader's View: Trump’s legacy: what he can get away with

I don’t believe he cares who gets hurt, as long as it's not him.

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After the 2016 election and his claim that Hillary Clinton got 2 million illegal votes, President Donald Trump created a panel to study election fraud. It disbanded after finding little. Even though Trump has again been talking about fraud for months, one assumes the Republican Party is fully aware of what Trump's doing, that it knows the elections were virtually free of fraud this year. But that isn't the point.

Trump likely doesn't care if his accusations of fraud are false. He's claiming it to get richer, I feel, and to get his rabid base to rise up and riot. To him, supporters are nothing more than cannon fodder. I don’t believe he cares who gets hurt, as long as it's not him.

Trump is claiming there's fraud in states he lost but not in the states he won. That pretty much speaks for itself.

Though Trump is certainly a problem, the more disappointing and dangerous continues to be Republican enablers in Congress who, except for a few, know what's happening but are too cowed by Trump to say anything. There's also his base, which seemingly has been brainwashed.

Few illegal votes are being found, so Trump and his cronies lie. In any case, he's not fit for office. It’s time those in power in the Republican Party find the courage to say that Trump is a fraud and is trying to manipulate an election he lost into a win. He not only is coming off as a poor loser but as a deceitful con whose narcissism won't allow him to lose gracefully.


This is our first election where a peaceful transfer of power is in doubt. Trump loves revenge and chaos. His legacy will be testing the limits of what he can get away with before leaving office.

Gail Matthews

Kellogg, Idaho

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