Reader's View: Trump’s errors cost thousands of lives

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During the presidency of Andrew Jackson, called the “Great White Father,” 60,000 Native American lost their lives to disease, hunger, and elements of weather.

Today, approximately 190 years later, dark forgotten history seems to be repeating itself.

Native Americans have another Great White Father in the White House who has loyal enablers and who boasts that he alone will fix things, about draining the swamp, and about making America great.

In treaties involving lands tribes ceded to the U.S., the U.S. has a trust and responsibility to Indian tribes, and health care is one of them. COVID-19 is increasing in Indian Country. Many tribes did not get funding for personal protective equipment allocated by Congress in early March.

When the economy shut down, so did the casinos. Casino revenue provides health care, education, housing, and basic needs. Many tribes in rural areas are without water. President Donald Trump, a casino businessman, derides and has tried to destroy Native casinos. He uses his power of the presidency to steal land and take land out of trust. Also, Trump has connected businesspeople, lobbyists, and supporters waiting in the wings to cash in on casinos.


In his daily coronavirus TV briefings, Trump, a self-seeker, plays political games; he has been reckless and vindictive toward those who challenge him. Trump canceled vital programs put in place by President Barack Obama, attacked Obamacare, and failed to maintain the National Supply Chain.

The new Great White Father’s downplaying and blaming and his critical errors have cost thousands of lives. This Trail-of-Tears president has blood on his hands, more than 50,000 deaths, and the toll is rising. Had Trump not undermined health scientists, much suffering and death could have been prevented.

Sharon Shuck


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