Reader's View: Trump taps fear of socialism to control base

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There are different kinds of socialism.

Shortly after President Donald Trump’s visit to Bemidji, Minnesota, a woman commented on public radio that she supported Trump because he's saving us from socialism. Given Trump’s more than 20,000 verified mistruths since taking office, it's hard to believe anyone would be gullible enough to assume he would be telling the truth about anything, especially when it would make him look bad to do so. The last thing Trump's ego wants is for him to look bad.

There are at least two kinds of socialism: national socialism and democratic socialism. If Trump were to save us from national socialism, I would thank him, because that was the authoritarian system founded by Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.

Ironically, many of Trump's decisions are leading to the creation of a Nazi-like government in America, one that primarily benefits him, even as he tells us he's working on our behalf. It seems to me that Trump is throwing the "s" term out to make people afraid, so they'll stop thinking, which makes them easier to control.

Democratic socialism is the form of government currently associated with Scandinavian countries, all of them doing well, under the circumstances. Though many other Democratic leaders have supported this kind of government, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the original proponents.


The U.S. Post Office is a socialized organization. Our national legislators’ salaries and health care are based on a socialist model. The bailout money we recently got from the government was a form of socialism. The bailouts we gave the auto and oil industries were a form of socialism.

How many lies does Trump have to tell before people understand it’s his primary way of controlling his base?

Gary Burt


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