Reader's View: Trump supporters need to also offer solutions

I understand the need to vent.

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I felt so sorry after reading the June 18 letter, “ Radical left acts ‘for globalists’ sake’ .”

President Donald Trump lost re-election by many millions in the popular vote. The “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from him continues to be perpetuated by the disgraced, twice-impeached party leader. The same morally bankrupt man has conned $250 million from his followers. His attempted coup to hold onto an elective office he clearly lost has failed. And, finally, his vice president did the right thing. Yet Trump continues to lie to this day. And all this letter had left to do is attack the "radical left" in an apparent attempt to salve wounded feelings. It probably does not help that our president rattles the cages of Trump supporters.

I understand the need to vent. But Trump supporters could also outline the proposals and policy initiatives their radical-right party might suggest to solve problems, including those noted in the letter. Instead, the letter just attributed those woes to the radical left, Democrats, and President Joe Biden.

Dennis M. Dailey

Lawrence, Kansas


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