Reader's View: Trump signals fresh ‘fake birther news’

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My mother’s ancestors were pre-Revolutionary War American immigrants. I grew up in a small town in New England that had been founded by her family. Some 160 years later, Italian immigrants showed up, providing the other side of my ancestry. Of course, both sides of my ancestry continued with first-generation, American-born children.

I spent much of my youth eating my grandmother’s pasta and listening to her broken English version of how wonderful America is as a land of opportunity for immigrants (including the Falsani Shoe Store). There was an occasional story about prejudicial views of some of the long-term Yankees regarding their newfound neighbors, however.

My dad was a first-generation Italian American and enlisted in World War II right out of high school. He was extremely patriotic and, being born in America, could have served as president.

President Donald Trump has signaled that first-generation, American-born citizens like vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris and my father perhaps should not be given constitutional rights and should be subjected to fact-deficient birther slander. A man of any character whatsoever would not have given any credence to that idiocy and would not have signaled that it might have merit. But Trump’s campaign legal adviser said, “It’s an open question.” And Trump said, “I heard it today that (Harris) doesn’t meet the requirements.”

Trump holds the most powerful position on earth, but apparently he is incapable of checking Oakland, California, birth records from Oct. 20, 1964, for Harris. Instead, he opted for fake birther news.


Robert C. Falsani


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