Reader's View: Trump sank lower in honoring Limbaugh

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With the recent events in Washington, D.C., involving our three branches of government, up is now down, left is now right, and wrong has become right and acceptable. President Donald Trump’s recent surpassing of 16,000 lies, his and his party’s complicity in a House impeachment and Senate trial, and his continuing emolument clause of ethical malfeasance never cease. The most ridiculous moment, including the many lies in the State of the Union, was the Presidential Medal of Freedom bestowed on Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh is the manifest of much of the divisiveness and how we have gotten to the place in America where we now reside. This is the man who (along with Trump) championed the birther conspiracy of President Barack Obama. People of color were often his target: He said, referencing “unskilled jobs,” “Let stupid and unskilled Mexicans do that work.”

He advocated intensive profiling of Muslims, saying that with the immigration of Muslims from any part of the world, there will be the installation of Islamic Sharia law. These are the same ideas presented by far-right conspiracy theorists. How many remember or will admit to Limbaugh’s bullying of Michael J. Fox and his Parkinson’s disease, and exaggerating the symptoms? Google Limbaugh to find that the respected Politifact has rated 84% of his statements and allegations as “Pants on Fire” or “Mostly False,” 5% as “Mostly True,” and 0% as “True.” Remind you of anyone?

With all the rancor surrounding politics and what will likely carry us into the November elections, what Trump bestowed on Limbaugh was surely one more Trump-style rally to fire up his base. The wise voter needs to look for the actual intent, and then cast their ballot for truth, not based on lots of false promises or outright lies.

Tom Rauschenfels



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