Reader's View: Trump more adept at firing than hiring

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President Donald Trump pledged to hire only the best people to staff his administration.

Former national security adviser-turned-author John Bolton is the latest in a long line of top-level members of the administration to earn the enmity of the president for illuminating his inane behavior and improprieties.

Like several exiled Cabinet secretaries, White House staffers, diplomats, and other departing administrators before him, Bolton has been called a “liar,” branded as incompetent, and deemed to have committed various improprieties by his ex-boss.

This pattern suggests that, contrary to what Trump promised, the men and women he brought In initially were poor choices — or became poor performers during their tenure. Or the president fabricates their failings when they leave.

Either way, it does not reflect well on the hiring practices of the self-proclaimed “stable genius” occupying the White House. It demonstrates that he’s considerably better at telling people, “You’re fired,” than hiring them.


Marshall H. Tanick


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