Reader's View: Trump indictment politically motivated by hate

The left continues with its attacks on Trump while remaining silent about documents found in the homes and offices of Biden and others.

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I just saw an amazing two-hour movie called "The Trump Prophecy," a true story of a firefighter's encounter with the supernatural.

I think the unfair and vindictive indictment of President Donald Trump, led by New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg, is politically motivated with pure hate. Bragg deviously ran for office on the promise of getting Trump indicted, as the Washington Times reported . He and his left-wing administration seem determined to stop Trump from running for president in 2024. They apparently prefer to continue pulling President Joe Biden’s strings to destroy our country with increased crime, the invasion of enemies, drugs and poverty at the border, and economic disaster. Also, empty shelves, the war in Ukraine, global unrest, sex trafficking, government approval of the sexual mutilation of minors, and a lack of sympathy for the three Christian children and three adults murdered in Nashville by a suspected shooter who may have been transgender.

The left continues with its attacks on Trump, including two impeachments and accusations about classified information in his home — while remaining silent about documents found in the homes and offices of Biden and others.

This indictment, suspiciously, seems part of 2024 election interference, which should cause us all to question election fraud in 2020. The start of Biden’s presidency has been followed by a rapid deterioration of our constitutional republic and a shift toward socialism. Unelected imposters seem to control Biden, who often seems disoriented and confused.

Why isn't Hillary Clinton in jail for her missing emails and the three deaths in Benghazi? How about Hunter Biden's China involvement? Why is New York City releasing violent criminals but indicting Trump on a minor, outdated issue?


Jesus said, "The truth will set you free." Pray and watch a positive movie, "The Journey," with Andrea Bocelli.

Rosemarie Mitchell


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