Reader's View: Trump continues to sell fear, blame

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If you support President Donald Trump, you are, in essence, supporting the behaviors and attitudes of those who want to destroy Minnesota and the U.S. When he was president, Barack Obama's message was one of hope. Trump's message is fear and blame.

Since he started campaigning, Trump has seemed intent on giving his base scapegoats on which to blame their fears, hatred, and anger: Muslims, Mexicans, Hilary Clinton and strong women, immigrants, dreamers, LGBTQ, the media, and others. Trump is a white, patriarchal male. The one thing his targets have in common: they're not white patriarchal males.

Trump seems to be taking his behaviors from the book "Mein Kampf." In particular, he wants people to be afraid. People are easier to control when they're afraid.

Here are other tactics: falsely but incessantly smearing your opposition, creating scapegoats of minor or unpopular groups or representing them as a threat, and raising fears of the constant threat of enemies and then offering oneself as the only salvation.

"Mein Kampf" says the attention and retention span of the public is limited, so one should only select a few themes and harp on these until one's ignorant base understands what one wants them to do and in the way that one wants them to understand. The book also says to tell lies without regarding the risk of being exposed; the big lie combined with the weight of repetition leads to its acceptance.


These techniques were used brilliantly by Trump and Republicans to win the last presidential election. Now Trump seems to be following all the Nazi rules, telling more than 18,000 lies since he took office, while still having the support of his base.

Gary Burt


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